Opening Weekend: BSD Catch and Release

  On thursday morning Jan 31st I left the house at 6:00 am in some light snow to pick up my fisherman at The Fishermans Lodge near wildcat shoals.  I took my time as the roads were piling up with snow and arrived just before 7:00 am.  Matt and Jillian loaded up and we used the wildcat ramp and put in.  The wind was blowing pretty good and the snow was piling up on the boat at a rapid rate.  The visibility was low and it was tough to see but we fished and caught a few fish as the water was coming up.  It was one cold morning which we ended at 11:00 am.  By this time the snow had accumulated to 5 inches with more predicted that evening.  The next morning on the first I took Matt and Jillian to the C & R area below the dam.  The water was on but on our first drift generation ended and we dropped anchor on the gravel bar and began fishing the shoal. Matt soon had the first of many fish on the line using a veiled egg with a pink hue and a bead inside of it tied on a #12 hook.  I put Jillian in a spot further upstream and she also began getting strikes and landing fish.  After some casting lessons (women learn so fast) she began hooking, landing and releasing fish on her own.  Both fishers caught some good rainbows and both landed brown trout. On the 2nd (saturday) I picked up my fisherman at and we used the old rivercliff ramp at the golf course.  Once again generation ended on the first drift and we set up at the gravel bar.  Ted began hooking and landing fish right away as did Brian who was set up 20 yards above Ted.  Later in the morning Ted hooked into a hawg but didn’t have it on for long.  In the afternoon Ted once again hooked into a hawg which he fought for 10 minutes but it turned and with one last spurt of energy took off down stream and broke off.  Later that afternoon another angler hooked a good fish which I netted for him.  I took two flies out of the fishes mouth one of which was the fly Ted was using earlier.  That fish went 17 1/2 lbs.   Oh! the luck.  The rest of the day went well with both fisherman hooking and landing several fish with the biggest at 22 inches and a total of 8 brown trout between them.   Good fishingJim Traylor870-404-8906 

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