Reel Recovery

Reel Recovery was this past weekend and many thanks to Ken Richards for all of his time and effort.  He did one outstanding job   Many thanks to Ken and Maryann of Cedar Wood Lodge who donated the lodging for this event.  Cedar Wood Lodge is one fine lodge on the river down in the ranchettes area.  It is top notch and high end.  Click on the website and check it out.  Many thanks also to all the folks who helped make this event happen and to those who volunteered time, money & effort it is much appreciated by those this fine program helped out.  Once again I urge you to check out the Cedar Wood Lodge and consider booking this establishment for your next corporate, family, group, friends or couples out door activity.

Fishing Report:  My thanks to Fred and his son Fred from Fort Smith who were referred to me by the Woodsman.  We had an outstanding day on the water.  Both had little or no experience with a fly rod.  It was a good day catching using eggs and San Juan worms on a long leader with a BB shot and 12 foot under an indicator.  Both learned quickly and caught on fast.

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  1. Jimmy-

    Thanks for a great trip. My dad and I had a great time working with you these past few days. The only thing better than the 75 degree temps was the amount of fish you put us on.

    We’re already planning our next trip to the White for June.



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