No Flood Here: Fishing is as good as it gets.

It’s funny how the news can affect an entire area or even an entire state even if only part of the news is correct.  Yes the white river did flood from rim shoals down, yes there was some damage, yes there was a house and dock that hit a bridge but none of that happend in the first 18 miles of the white river which is where a good majority of the fishing on the white river takes place.  In fact the house hitting the bridge was down at calico rock more than 60 miles down stream from the dam.  Our generation has been light because of the excess water down stream which has made for some perfect conditions for the fly fisher.  Take a look at my trip gallery to see how well we have been doing.   There is going to be more press about the white river as we will soon be generating a full 8 units of water.  Generating 8 units of water is normal and very fishable.  Especially for streamer fisher who like to go after big brown trout with sinking tip lines and 6 and 7 wt rods.  I have a 10 food rod just for this occasion.  At the end of February we were getting 8 units of water and shad were coming through which will likely happen again when we do get this big water.  When the big BULL SHOALS generates that much water there are always a few shad that will come through and that provides a fine opportunity to hook into a good fish and hook into numbers of fish.  Jimmy T. 

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