White River: Live River Update 3:40 pm

For something different we’re here Wade fishing at the top of Cane Island. Ron Y & I are fishing a group I have that comes several times a year. Had a feeling that with all the rain we got yesterday and last night that the Corps might shut generation down so we put in down stream and ran up. Sure enough at 10:00 am generation ceased. These fish are sure liking the change of pace. It’s nice to stand in the river for a change and my fisherman is definatly enjoying the change of pace. I’ve got a sneaky suspision tomorrow will be a no generation day as well. It,s. Gotta be flooding down stream.

Oct 30th 2009 Low water fishing.
Oct 30th 2009 Low water fishing.

UPDATE: 6:20 pm the schedule for the next two days is posted and it is scheduled to generate at noon tomorrow and on monday.  Great day fishing with 60 fish or more caught.

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