April 1st thru 8th: Super Fishing

So far this April has been good to fly fisherman with caddis hatches and some march brown action.  On the low 1/2 to one unit of generation we are getting into some dry and floating action on the upper end of the river from the state park hole down into the narrows.  A dry with a caddis larva dropper as well as a foam ant with midge dropper is good.  As for catching brown trout San Juan worms on a long leader shotted and with an indicator fished in the seams at the top of shoals has been working well and on one day produced 6 brown trout for us in two hours.  Yesterday it did produce one 3 lb 12 oz fish on the grass.  Soon we will be getting more generation as the lake is somewhat over normal pool elevation and streamer fishing for big fish will get good as will fishing the banks with nymphs or fishing the bottom using the water haul and enough weight to get the fly down. (an easy technique taught in 5 minutes or less).  It takes the duck out of chuck and duck and is a technique I use during the shad kill on 8 units of water.  Big Water = Big fish so book now for late april and may.  I will post a special for may that includes lodging so keep looking here.ThanksJimmy T.870-404-8906 

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