Report for April

Unusual would be a good word to describe fishing on the White River in Arkansas.  Unusual in that twice this month flood gates were opened at Bull Shoals Dam.  The first time on April 10 with a full 8 units on along with an extra 5,670 cfs which brought the water up to the equivalent of 10 units and then again last thursday the 24th with an extra 13,270 cfs which was the equivalent of a little over 14 total units.  What this did however was to cover some grassy banks and other areas that normally do not see any water which flushed out the cane worm.  The fish we caught were full of them and had them puking up worms.  These fish were so fat they looked as though they had swallowed footballs.  These fish will grow rabidly.  As of yesterday the 29th april at 2:30 pm the flood gates were shut off.  Fishing this extra water was not hard to figure out (SJ Worms) and was quite fun as we were fishing areas that were normally never under the water.  It will be nice though to get back to some normal water (8 units) would be fine with me but I’m sure we’ll be seeing some lower water at times to help with the flooding 100 plus miles down stream.  May will bring some warmer temps (no rain we hope) and perhaps later in the month a sulpher hatch with some surface and dry action.  The norfork is also fishing well with the usual flies Scuds, sowbugs and san juan worms on it’s normal 1 to two units.  All is well with our rivers at this time so book your trip for the months of may and june now.  Weekends fill up fast (mine are all gone for may) and during the weeks is a little slower with fewer boats on the rivers. 

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