Weekend White River Fly Fishing Report

Jeff Sheetz
Jeff Scheetz

If you are a regular reader of my blog and fishing reports you know of my support for the Reel Recovery program.  This past friday I had the pleasure of taking a true gentleman fishing.  Jeff Scheetz ( http://jeffscheetz.com ) and his band played for the program in Memphis this past summer.  Many thanks and Kudos to Jeff for donating his time to the Reel Recovery Program.  The weather, fishing and company were outstanding.  Jeff is a professional full time musician and also one heck of a fly fisher.  We put in at the River Cliff cabin boat ramp and fished from the state park down to tucker hole.  The fish didn’t quit until we did.    Jeff sent me this e-mail and I thank him once again for donating his time.  Check out his website at http://www.jeffscheetz.com

Hey Jim!

I know you are out fishing today – wish I was there!!

Wanted to once again say thank you for the awesome day! Had a great time and

wanted to tell you that you do such a great job on helping a person catch

fish and feel good about it!!

If I can ever do anything for you let me know –

Hope to see you again someday!


Murray Group
Murray Group

This past Saturday and Sunday fellow guide Ron Y. and I did a group trip with father Pat sons David and Tim and son in law John.  The fishing continued to be outstanding with big numbers of fish caught each day along with some brown trout and another hybrid~albino trout.

Hybrid Trout
Hybrid Trout

These hybrid trout are easy to see and have been easy to catch as well.  This one above was caught at the narrows.  Mike saw the fish and made a cast to it.  The fish swam right up to the fly and took it.  It was fun.  We also got some small brown trout as well as a 17 inch trout on Sunday.  We were fishing with eggs of various types as well as blow flies and sow bugs.

This from David.


Thanks for a great trip. My dad and I had a great time working with you these past few days. The only thing better than the 75 degree temps was the amount of fish you put us on.

We’re already planning our next trip to the White for June.



In this mornings Baxter Bulletin there is an article about the DO problem on the Norfork.  Here is an excerpt:

“A plan to release water from Norfork Lake simultaneously through generators and floodgates will rid the lake of untimely floodwater storage and boost dissolved oxygen in the tailwaters, according to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologist Jeff Williams.”

Lets hope this works.  The article goes on to say to expect releases on all dams starting around Dec 1st.

“Fancher said the Corps will likely step up release volume on Dec. 1 from all six reservoirs managed by the Corps in north Arkansas. On that date, a water management plan calls for managed lake water releases to a river level mark of 21 feet at Newport. The current management level requires the Corps to manage river levels at the Newport gauge to 12 feet or lower. Fancher said the river level has been flowing up to 8 feet above the 12-foot mark during the rainy summer and fall.

“Come Dec. 1, the level goes to 21 feet at Newport, and we will be getting rid of a lot of water,” he said.”

This is good news.  First it protects trout and also adds a little shad coming through the dam and gives the fish some high protien food.

GUIDED TRIPS:  Book your trip for next year early and get the best dates while you can.  We frequently book group, couple, buddy and corporate trips.  I work closely with independent professional experienced guides on a regular basis and would be happy to put together your fishing adventure.  One phone call is all you need to make.  Lunch, gear, equipment, water, soda,rods, reels, flies, leader tippet is supplied.  We don’t take you or meet you at a fly shop and have your buy the supplies because we supply it for your convenience.  The price you are quoted is the price you will pay with no surprises at the end of the day.  My goal is to make sure you and your guest have fun and a good time.

Good fishing

Jimmy T.

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