Thursday Jan 7: White River Update

Generation:  White River 7 units as of 8:00 am
Lake Temp:  White River 47 f. as of 8:00 am Jan 7th
Lake Level: 664.36 as of 7:00 am

River Temp: 49f.  Outside temp as of 8:15  14.3 f. @ 8:30 am

Generation Schedule:  7 units as of 8:00 am with 6 1/4 scheduled to run all day.

The lake temp has dropped another degree as of 8:00 am this morning with the lake level dropping almost 7 inches in the last 24 hour period ending at  6:00:00 am this morning.

Bull Shoals Lake
Bull Shoals Lake

This picture above shows how much the lake has dropped since the last snow we received.  Like the rest of the country our local news a well as the national news is all about the cold weather.  We got just a dusting of snow over night and the temps as of 8:00 am are at 14.3 at the dam and dropping.  Our expected lows are at or near -2 to 5 f for the next few nights.  The lake temps have dropped two degrees over the last 48 hours and I suspect they will drop another degree or two by this saturday.

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