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The lake levels have continued to rise on Bull Shoals Lake and generation continues the past few days with 6 & 7 units of water.  This past week Table Rock Lake has had flood gates open dumping water into Bull Shoals Lake.  This past thursday I fished with a super couple from Wisconsin Frank & Tracy.  She of course caught the largest fish of the day a brown trout of 18 1/2 inches at the end of the day.  We did catch a ton of rainbows that day as well. Thanks for the Alaska Salmon Frank.   Saturday and Sunday I had a group of 7 with three guides.  We caught 9 brown trout over the two days with the biggest at 4 lbs or 22 inches and countless rainbows with many over 18 inches.  The water is clean and clear with little moss but some suspended grass in the river.  Sow bugs, San Juan Worms, Scud, PT’s, and some floating ants are working well.  


About the guide service:  My guide trips include flies, leader, tippet (Rio), split shot, indicators, rods (Sage), Reels (Ross), waders and wading boots if I have your size.  Lunch is also included and generally give a choice between fried chicken with the fixin’s or sandwiches with the fixin’s.  My boat is a Supreme 20 ft 6 inch long 48 inch wide flat bottom Jon boat which is perfect for fishing the White River at any water level.  This boat is very stable and easy to get in and out of during wading conditions.  I have two Mercury motors that I use.  A 25 hp on higher water conditions and a 15 hp motor for float trips down the river.  I use a flat bottom boat instead of a drift type boat so that I can work the various water levels of the White and Norfork Rivers.  Unlike a drift boat I can out run rising water and stay in low water wading conditions or ride a rise and stay in front of the dirty mossy water and even out run a storm and find shelter which can’t be done with a drift boat.   I will also pick you up and drop you off at your resort (if it’s not too far away).  I have a Yukon that will seat 6 and can also pick you up at one of our local airstrips if you fly in.  

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