Johnson Benefit: Tungsten Beads $3.50

Good morning and hope ya’ll are doing well this morning.  Remember that the Tiffany Johnson tye-a-thon is today at Mt. River Fly Shop in Gassville from 9 am till 9:00 pm today.  Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop will be there this morning with HOT COLORED tungsten beads.  Our regular in store price for these beads is $4.75 but today at Mt. River Fly Shop they will be sold for $3.50 for a 25 ct pak of which 1/2 …  Thats right 50% of the sale price of each package ( $1.75 ) will be donated to the fund.  Be a good sport and show up at the benefit and watch the tiers, buy some tickets to win some flies and pick up some t-beads at a good price and donate to the benefit at the same time.  I’ll have a couple of hundred of each size and color up to 1/8 th or 3.2 mm and when they are sold they are gone.  Any left over beads will continued to be sold at W&F fly shop from 1:00 pm till 4:00 pm  Feel free to call the shop # 870-445-3848 and use your credit card.  There will be a small shipping charge on these orders.

The colors are Red, Chartreuse, Orange, Hot Pink and White.  I’ll also have some salmon colored beads not pictured.

The sizes are 1/16~5/64~3/32~7/64 & 1/8

Many Thanks to Blue Ribbon Fly Shop for providing lunch today and to the tiers for donating time & materials.

Thanks and see ya’ll at Mt. River Fly Shop this morning.

Jimmy T.

We have signature flies coming from tiers across the globe from many part of the US including Dave Whitlock, Davy Wotton, Bob Clouser, Kelly Galloup, Charlie Craven Hans Weilennman, Mike Kinney, Cary Marcus, April Vokey and many, many others, some well known, others anonymous.

The Raffle will be drawn at the Swallows Nest Fly Tyers/Mountain River Fly Shop Charity Tye-A-Thon on Saturday from 9am to 9pm. We have a fantastic lineup of tyers coming along to the Tye-A-Thon to tie flies for the Benefit’s online auction scheduled for late February.

If you are in the area come along and have a yarn with tyers like Davy Wotton, John Berry, Teresa Van Winkle Mark Romero and many others. We will have some great homemade chilli lined up, some ham and beans and cornbread to fight off the chill. If you like subs we have a bunch of sandwhiches donated kindly by Bob Cooke of the Blue Ribbon Fly Shop in Mountain Home. A class move by Bob, its times like these that our fly fishing family needs to come together, so thank you.

Lori Berry is baking up her special chocolate chip cookies and brownies, Chuck Tyrell’s wife has backed up another 12 dozen cookies, and my stepdaughter Crystal is baking her famous Cinnamon Apple Cake which has fuelled a hundred guide trips.

Another of our good mates Jeff Hearn of Harrison has organised 14 cases of sodas to be donated, we aren’t sure of his connection by thank you to them. Two other friends Chris and Jenn Fowler from Northwest Arkansas have through the companies they work for donated paper plates, bowls cups and spoons, plus some chips and snack items. Chris was supposed to send me an email to give those 2 companies a shout out as well, but it hasn’t landed yet. But thank you two.

Tiers will be working their fingers to the bone so will need plenty of support in a physical and mental sense. We have many who will be doing a marathon 12 hours at the vice to help Tiff and Chad. Most of the flies tied on the day will be donated to the major online auction we have in the works. This is going to be a special event with fishing gear, books, art and some tremendous collectables.

Tiers are submitting 3 identical flies, or in several cases multiple sets of 3 flies, to go into the prize pool. First place is 2 flies of every pattern submitted, each signed and authenticated by the tier. Some are made to fish others carry a beauty and collectability. I can tell you each fly has been tied by fly tiers touched by Chad and Tiffany’s story.

Second and third place prizes will split the remaining flies in the pool.  Tickets are $5 apiece and $10 for 3. You can buy tickets though this link CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS ONLINE, in person at the Mountain River Fly Shop. Online sales will close at 1PM Saturday. We will take telephone or in person sales up until 5pm. The prize draw will be held at 5.30 PM

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