Flows are Changing Some: Feb 19 2010

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Having Fun

Once again no shad came through the dam yesterday.  A good burst of energy was needed for sure as it was described by another fisherman yesterday at the boat ramp.  The lake temps are below 40 f. and generation was adequate to pull some shad through but we did not see any during the day.  I still think some are coming through at night as the rainbows bellies are stuffed full.  I also think the brown trout are moving up into the C&R area to feed on the shad that are coming through as these fish don’t seem to be stuffed.  Yesterday we worked the area from the dam down to white hole.  Fishing was fun with regular fisherman Mike Davis aka (Mad dog) but the catching was a little tough for sure.  Today though is a different day so we’ll see what happens.

.Generation is down somewhat from a few days ago with generation scheduled between midnight and 4 am at 2 to 3 units and picking up at 5:am with 13,000 + CFS and ramping up to 16 or 17 k of cfs by 8:00 am and dropping down again at 10:00 am with steady flows of 14 to 15 k of CFS until 6:00 pm.  Looks like power demand is driving generation again with peak flows in the mornings and evenings with little flows during the night.  I do think when the shad are coming through they are doing so during the evening peak generation times.  Wish I could prove it and the only evidence I do have is the fat bellies of the rainbows along with the excrement of these fish which I won’t describe.


Stay fishy my friends.



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