Rain Brings Generation

Rick B. from Texas

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This past weekend saw some pretty good rains starting saturday evening and continued through sunday.  It was enough rain to bring the lake up two feet and on monday generation began to bring the lake level back down again with 4 units.  Tuesday yesterday saw generation of 7 units and today is scheduled for the same.  On monday the river was silty and muddy and our fishing was confined to the first mile of water as it was clean and fishable.  Tuesday (yesterday) was much the same but not because of the run off but because of the mossy conditions brought on by heavy generation.  We put in at white hole yesterday to fish a different stretch of the river but soon discovered that it was tough to fish due to huge wads of moss collecting on our lines.  After making the 5 mile run upstream we fished Newlands hole, the State Park hole and the catch and release area which was much cleaner.  SJ Worms, eggs, and some midges did produce some fish for us and was better fishing than the previous day. Today the river should be much cleaner so Rick, Bob and I will work our way down stream as far as we can.  Caddis were coming off the river as far up as the C&R area yesterday with larger hatches down stream.


Go fishing my friends.  Take your kids with ya!

Jimmy T.

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