Michael W. from Maryland with 20" Bow

This past Tuesday and Wednesday I spent some time fishing with a father and son from the D.C. area.  Michael and Mick W. from Maryland spent two days on the river with me.  Neither had fly fished before but both picked it up quickly. Our first day was a bit slow in the morning but the afternoon midge bite picked up nicely.  The second day was much more productive with Michael (13) hooking and landing this nice 20 inch bow.  He fought it well and we got it in the net to measure it and take some pictures.  The wind of course was gusting and howling which limited our areas of drift fishing somewhat.  The midge bite at the dam yesterday was pretty good and the fishing improves each day.


Fly Shop News:

Glitter thread has arrived at the shop as well as a new batch of 4 & 5 wt 10 foot Stream Flex rods from Greys.  The glitter thread is used extensively on midges in the Modern Midges book by Rick Takahashi & Jerry Hubka.  Drop by and see all 36 colors.  The 3 wt 10 foot 4 pce Stream Flex rods have been selling well and are back in stock at $299.00 so drop by and cast one soon.  Sweet rod.



Heavy generation continues on both the White and Norfork Rivers with the white generating 6 1/2 to 7 units and the Norfork running two units but shutting down during the evening.  Both lakes are above normal pool elevation.  It looks as though we’ll see continued generation on the White for sometime and my guess is well into may and probably June.  The corps and SWPA seems to be in no hurry to bring this lake level down.

Good Fishing:

Jimmy T.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    I’m looking forward to fishing with you again this year on April 23/24. What flies should I be tying up to bring along?

    I see you have some Grey rods for sale. I just bought a 10 ft. 3 wt Grey rod this winter. I can’t wait to break it in in Arkansas!



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