Big Water-More Rain-Cicadas-Caddis

Mary E. from Utah

On May 16 we began getting some bigger water flows of about 7 and 7 1/2 units of water with the extra water coming via 6 flood gates that were opened 6 inches to make up for the two generators that are out of commission.  A lot of drum have been coming through the gates as well as other fish such as walleye and bass.  I did get a report from one other guide of catching two walleye. These fish can be kept from the catch and release area below Bull Shoals Dam on the White River.  Fishing the big water has been good with incredible bows and brown trout being caught.  Flesh flies, San Juan Worms, Eggs are the big producers with a couple of BB shot to get ’em down.  I love this big water.  Yesterday Rick B and Doug B. from Denton Tx fished with me and due to some overnight rain that brought the Buffalo river up the Corps dropped water flows from 20,000 + CFS down to 6,000 CFS.  When this happened Rick made the comment that the catching and the fish were much better on the higher flows.  We were a bit disappointed with the water dropping out on us but we adapted and improvised and began catching fish again.

Flood Gates opened 6 inches adds 6,000 CFS to flows.

As you can see from this picture the extra flows created by having 6 gates opened 6 inches made up for the two generator units that are down and flows didn’t quite reach a full 8 units.  It got a bit loud yesterday afternoon in the State Park with the periodical Magicadas of the brood XIX 2011 emergence calling for mates.  As many of you know I have been looking forward to this emergence form a fishers perspective because as the life cycle of this insect completes it will provide some beg meals to our fish as well as bring them up to the surface.  It should make for some great terrestrial action in any amount of water.  We should start seeing the completion of this life cycle in about 3 or 4 weeks which means they’re gonna die and fall into the river and when this starts and the fish begin to key in on them it’s gonna be a heck of a lot of fun.

Caddis are also still hatching on the upper end of the river and taking emergers as well as the occasional dry fly.

Shirley from Texas

More rain is in the forecast for our area which will keep the lake levels and the generation levels higher pretty much for the rest of the year.  Our fish will continue to grow and get bigger and fatter and only contribute to the health of the bio-mass of the White River System.

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Stay fishy my friends.

Jimmy T.

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