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Seen here is Chris K. from Charlotte NC

The lake finally hit the normal pool elevation of 654 feet on Saturday.  Generation however changed a bit even before it hit that level with some much weaker generation during the evening and into the morning with water flows increasing around noon to 5 units or up to 12,000 CFS.  So the new pattern seems to be some lower generation in the AM with more as the day warms up.  We’ll see if it continues as cooler weather arrives.  This guide has pretty much been fishing every day up until today so if you were wondering where Jim’s reports were I just didn’t have any time to put one together until today.  The catching has slowed a bit for the upper end of the river and of course we have just gone through another full moon phase which pretty much slows down the catching for a day or two. With  generation change and lower flows various types of hoppers and ants have been garnering some strikes and hook ups on the upper end of the river and some of the brown trout are coloring up and looking handsome. Midges are starting to become a bit more productive and of course SJ Worms are the White River Staple. Below are a few pictures of some of the folks who have fished with me so far this month.  November has open days so if you are on the prowl for some good fish call 870-404-8906 and book your fishing adventure today.

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A bit of a run in with a deer brought this chopper close to the river which landed on the first fairway of the golf course.

Fellow guide Ron has been and will be a big help with multiple boat trips this month.  Some photos provided by Ron.

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Stay Fishy My Friends.

Jimmy T.


Thursdays Fishing~Reel Recover~Tungsten Beads

Tungsten Beads In Stock.

Tungsten Beads

Tungsten beads in the colors above are in stock and ready to ship.  Gold, Copper Nickel Black (gun metal), Nickel and Black are the colors.  The Hot Colors of tungsten beads are also in stock and ready to ship.  See the fly-shop page for more info on sizes and colors.  Once again we will be there with a booth at the Sow Bug Round up in March  The show begins on thursday the 18th and runs through the 20th.  I will also have some PRIMO AAA partridge skins that are large, fresh and ready to tie with.

Fishing UPDATE:  Friday…. Caught a bit of a rise friday morning and fished down to Tucker Shoals hitting blue hole, white hole, the narrows and tucker.  Fishing was good at the narrows with some small brown trout caught as well as some bows.  It was also good at tucker with some decent numbers on SJ Worms and eggs.  Amazingly after lunch the water levels were steady with NO fluctuation.  That seems to be rare anymore.  Today will be spent fishing from blue hole down past rainbow and into hurst hole and maybe johnson bar depending on the wind.  The lake level is just above the 654 level and is hanging out at 654.06 with generation scheduled for 150 MW or three units.  Of course the schedule for yesterday was wrong so I’m not counting on it being right for today but like a marine my motto is Improvise and adapt.  Sundays predicted generation schedule looks just like saturdays.  Mondays schedule looks even lower with 100 MW scheduled for most of the day except for spike in the morning and again in the evening.

Primo AAA partridge

As you can see from the picture it is twice as large as the regular partridge one gets and the price is only $36.00  I will also have the styro type indicators in round, tear drop, foot ball shape as well as the white palsa indicators.  You will like these prices so don’t forget to drop by and check it out.

Styro Indicators (football shape)

Fishing on thursday was a challenge for sure and we had to work for every fish we landed.  I fished with Bob from Rogers Ar for a 1/2 day.  Bob was kind enough to bid on and win a trip I donated for the Reel Recovery retreats held here in Arkansas and as the successful bidder Bob and his wife stayed a night at the River Cliff Cabin.  Bob and I fished for the morning which was sunny and wind free.

Thanks to Bob for supporting Reel Recovery.  Help support the Reel Recovery program by donating time, money or other support.

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