Heck Of a Month Thanks to Greys 11 Foot Rods

Gotta love a rod that can handle the “Job”.  Since Memorial Day weekend “think flood gates & 20 units of water” this guide has had a couple of Greys Stream Flex eleven foot rods in his boat and what a world of difference it makes.  Last year I had the Greys Stream 10 foot  Streamflex rods in the boat and though they were the ticket until I began fishing these rods on 50,000 CFS or 20 units of water. Sure makes fishing and casting a long 10 to 14 foot rig much easer than the 10 footers I was using last year but then we didn’t have quite as much water but I don’t think I’ll go back to the 10 footers.  Then there is mending!  Oh! how easy!!!!!  😉

June is always a month that keeps Fly Fish Arkansas busy.  We have worked with some fine folks over the past three weeks and on Monday fished with Rick and his daughter Meridith or “little one” as I’ve called her since she was 3 years old.  She has grown up now and it a senior in high school.  Her first trip on the river was at 3 months and she feels right at home on the water.  On tuesday I had the pleasure of taking a Son and his Father out for the day and you see Carl and Josh from Mississippi in the pictures above.  It was a heck of a competition with “wisdom and experience” coming out on top.  Josh took up fly fishing a year ago and is an avid fly fisher who has been spending some major time on the water.  See ya’ll soon Carl and Josh.  I think they are both addicted now!  What a shame.

Ed and John are a couple of Outstanding fishers from the Memphis area who have been fishing these rivers for a long time.  A really big shout out to these two ’cause if they missed a hook set I sure did not see it.  I think Ed and John are well on the way to a successful “high water” year.  Seen here to the left is Ed with one “fat & sassy” bow.  These boys hooked and landed about fifteen of these chunky fish.  A few spit the hook but we had about a two hour run of some really super nice bows.

Great job guys and a real pleasure to fish with you two.  Those eleven footers have some new fans in these two fisher for sure as the casting is way too easy and the mending is even easier.  It’s hard to put too much pressure on the fish with these rods.  ( I think the Maxima CFC was a winner as well?)   See ya’ll soon gents!

Today Thursday I took out the Ferguson’s from Texas who have never fished with fly rods.  What great fun with a super couple and one of their (26) kids.  They brought Colton who I knew would catch on pretty quick.  Heck he’s 15!  Mom (Leslie) was the one who really got into it though.  Talk about one determined women who want to learn the “art” of fly fishing.

Meet the Ferguson’s.

They are the Highlight of my month.  Foster & adoptive parents (26) with some really big hearts and heads screwed on very straight.  Spending time with folks like these is what helps me keep my sanity.   William and Leslie you have a great kid.  Hope to meet more of them.

Thank You Very Much!

I almost forgot.  Over the past 16 years I’ve had my fair share of “Now I’ve Seen It All Moments”  I’m sure there will be more.  Here is one from today.

Yep!  That’s a wake boarder.  Bull Shoals is the host to the Bro Stock wake board event this weekend.  This guy is pretty good. Sorry about the quality of the picture but he just wouldn’t stay still for a photo.

Stay Fishy My Friends.

Jimmy T.