Fishing This Week and Other News

We continue to get light generation on the White River with flows at about two units or 4,000 to 6,000 cfs (maxim 26,400) which is great fly water for fishing out of a boat with various midges, pheasant tails and prince nymphs.  Fishing from the boat allows for some long drifts and covers a lot of water.  The lake is 18 feet above normal pool elevation which is much lower than this time last year as we were pretty much at the top of 690.00 feet.  Sulphers are coming off the water and on no generation days or days where the flows are at about 3,000 cfs the bite is much better on dry flies.  Last night the water was shut off on Bull Shoals till this morning and is scheduled to be off this evening as well which will allow for some wading time down stream.  


Fly Shop News…….

Yesterday we received the 6 new colors of beads in White, Pearl White, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Red and Flourescent Orange in all the sizes.  I hope to get some pics of these up by sunday evening.  I also got in some really good partridge skins that are way above and beyond the usual fly shop fare and are priced well at $36.00 each but only have 4 at this time. 







Good Fishing