What’s New – Tungsten Beads & Brass Beads

Galvan Reels

Galvan is a reel that is made in the U.S.A.  Currently we have these reels in 3,4 & 5 wts.  Drop by the shop and check them out.

All tungsten beads are in stock as are brass beads in Gold, Silver, Copper and Black.  You will like our prices.  Just in today are Davy Wotton barbless flies for our catch and release area.  Never worry about getting a fine while fishing in that area as our barbless hook box is growing.  Every week this past January and into February we are adding new product in the shop.  New tying materials for this month so far are swiss straw, Otters milking eggs and squirrel zonkers, super 77 and Devcon 5 minute epoxy.  115 dozen flies have also just been put into the fly bins as well with lots of dry caddis and sulphers and various versions of those flies for the caddis hatch in march and the sulpher hatch starting at the end of May.  In anticipation of another great hopper hatch we’ve also brought aboard some new hopper patterns and will have more of them over the next two months.  We also stock every color of UTC thread in the 70 and 140 denier as well as Uni thread in just about every color in 6/0 and 8/0.  Barbless Tiemco hooks are also back in stock in full force but they won’t last long.  If you are looking for wire we also have all colors of X-sm and Sm wire.

Water Proof Fly Boxes $12.50

This is how we like to buy so we can pass along the savings to you.  Also in stock are Greys Fly Boxes with the leaf at the same price.

Special price on Natural Color Tungsten beads $3.00 per package of 25 up to 1/8 and $3.50 for the 5/32 and $4.50 for the 3/16 size.

All other colors $4.00 per package of 25 and $4.75 for the 5/32 and $4.50 for the  3/16 size. Click on the Tungsten Bead page for pictures of all the colors.

Tungsten Beads

Brass Beads in Black, Gold, Copper & Silver are now available in 100 count packs and 25 count packs.

25 count packages $1.75 and the 100 count packages are $5.50

Brass Beads- Copper, Gold, Silver, Black

Shop # 870-445-3848 for telephone orders 9 am till 4:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Drop in the shop and say hello.  Special Orders Welcome

Debbie & Jim Traylor

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