Hareline Dubbing~Maxima

We are pleased to announce we are now carrying Hareline Dubbing products.  As the shop continues to grow we would like to thank those of you who shop with us as it is your patronage that allows us to continue to bring you great products at great prices that keep you on the water pursuing your passion of fly fishing.

A large order of Maxima Fluorocarbon tippet on 200 yard spools arrived in the shop yesterday.  In stock are 200 yard spools in 6X-5X-4X-3X-2X-1X  $18.95 and the 0X is $22.95  This guide as well as other guides have been using this product on both low and higher generation water for the past two years and it works extremely well.  Just take a look at the gallery to see the fish we are bringing in with this fluorocarbon tippet.  SAVE some big bucks and drop by the shop and pick some up today.

Bulk Thingamabobbers are also in in the 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes.  Our annual shipment of Iowa grown partridges also arrived this week with both cock and hens now in stock.  These are huge birds and a pleasure to tie with.  We also have in some new midge material that Richard Ramsy has been using on his #24 hooks which we also have in stock.  Looking for a wire to tie with in the X-Fine range?  We’ve got that in as well and even have it in Gold.  Bronze is also a good color and other colors include lilac, red, blue and silver.

Don’t forget to check out our selection of barbless hooks from Tiemco.  These will keep you “fine” free at our C&R areas and put a sour puss face on the game warden.   🙁   No worries if he brings out the cotton ball test 🙂

Thank You and Good Fishing

Debbie & Jim Traylor

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