Cicada Flies~Tungsten Beads~Hooks

It looks as though this latest round of cold weather has slowed down the Cicada emergence in our area.  We are seeing some stragglers emerge each day except for yesterday morning and this morning and my guess is due to the colder weather.  Areas south and east of here are in full swing cicada emergence.  As the weather warms up it will move north into Missouri and Illinois.  Some parts of Kansas and Iowa as well as Indiana will also see these little creatures.  Here are pictures of the flies we are carrying in the shop.

$3.75 and has a popper head


Deer Hair head $3.50


Black Body Black Legs $2.75 each comes with orange legs or black legs


Jimmy T's Version $3.50 ea


I did get a few of these They are $2.25 but don't like them as well as the others.

We also have the materials to tie your own with and the bodies are already made up.  Drop by and we’ll show you how.

Umpqua hooks as well as Tungsten beads are back in stock.  I’ve expanded the hook line from Umpqua a bit so drop by and take a look.


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