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This water proof fly box is seen for as much as $29.00 at fly shops and at $14.95 on the fly tying sites.  Heck you might even already own a few.  Stock up now at this LOW LOW price of just $10.50  Starting Tuesday June 14th we will put these boxes on sale till they sell out.  We have 30 in stock.  The Box is two sided and water proof 5 inches tall 4 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches in depth.

Get yours now $10.50 each with no limit on how many you can order.  But when we are out they are gone.

Our tungsten beads are priced just right for the tier starting at just $3.50 per package of 25 up to the 1/8 size (3.2 mm)  The 5/32 (4.0 mm) is just $3.75 per package of 25 and the 3/16 (4.6 mm) is just $4.50 for a package of 25.  These beads are  cut with a nice chamfered bevel  on the edge and one side of the bead has a larger hole molded in for easy hook attachment.  Check out the colors on the tungsten bead outlet pages.  NOW:  Natural or uncolored tungsten beads $10.00 per hundred up to the 1/8 (3.2 mm) size and $3.75 for the 5/32 and 3/16 size.

This is hard to beat:  Brass Cyclops Beads in 100 Count packages in Gold, Black, Copper & Silver.  These Cyclop beads are good looking but they do weigh half as much as the Tungsten beads.  Why pat $8.00 when you can get them for $5.50 a hundred.  25 count bags are available for $1.75

Call the shop 870-445-3848 We take phone orders from 8:00 am Central Time till 4:00 Pm CT.

While you are in the shop pick up a box of these 100 count 2487 bl barb less hooks for the low price of just $14.00.  From size 10 down to size 20’s  Get ’em while they last.

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