Tungsten Beads-Cyclops Brass Beads.

All colors and sizes are IN STOCK  8/30/11

Coming soon:

For all the colors and pictures of Tungsten Beads click on the tungsten bead outlet tap.  To order beads or any other items give the shop a call 8am till 4 pm Tuesday through Sunday morning by calling 870-445-3848.  We accept Visa & Master card and generally ship out the same day. Orders over $28.00 ship for $2.00 and orders over $50.00 ship for free.  Our tungsten beads are priced just right for the tier starting at just $3.50 per package of 25 up to the 1/8 size (3.2 mm)  The 5/32 (4.0 mm) is just $3.75 per package of 25 and the 3/16 (4.6 mm) is just $4.50 for a package of 25.  These beads are  cut with a nice chamfered bevel  on the edge and one side of the bead has a larger hole molded in for easy hook attachment.  Check out the colors on the tungsten bead outlet pages.  NOW:  Natural or uncolored tungsten beads $10.00 per hundred up to the 1/8 (3.2 mm) size and $3.75 for the 5/32 and 3/16 size.

Use this chart to help figure out what size bead to use with the size hook you need to tie with.  Dai-Riki hooks have a different bend and generally take a larger bead so they will go over the hook.  Sometimes the barb needs to be smashed down which will make getting the bead on the hook easier.

Brass cyclops beads are also available in Gold, Copper, Black & Silver in either 100 count packs for $5.50 and 25 count packs for $1.75  These beads weigh 50% less than the tungsten beads.

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