Tungsten Beads & Tiemco Hooks New-Web Store http://theflyfishing-store.com

Welcome:  All colors and sizes of cyclops tungsten beads as well as cyclops beads made of brass are in stock.

You can order two ways!  at our web store click on the The Fly Fishing Store tab above or copy and paste this URL in your browser http://theflyfishing-store.com or by calling the shop 870-445-3848 and using your credit card.


Tungsten Beads in all sizes & colors are in stock.  $3.50 per package of 25 count up to size 1/8th or 3.2 mm  5/32 or 4.0 mm are $4.00 and 3/16 or 4.6 mm are $4.50 per pack of 25.  We carry Tungsten Beads in 13 different colors.  Gold-Silver-Copper-Black-Nickel-Nickel Black-Natural or No Color-White-Pearl White-Chartreuse-Hot Pink-Red-Fl Orange.

The Natural or No color Beads are $10.00 per package of 100 up to 1/8  and $11.00 per hundred on the 5/32 or 4.0 mm size and $15.00 a hundred on the 3/16 or 4.6 mm size.

Call the shop Tuesday through Wednesday 8:00 am till 4:00 P.M. Central time.  870-445-3848

Tiemco hooks are are in Wishes & Fishes has loaded up for the upcoming tying season with shipments arriving every other month through may of next year.

We are stocking the following in 100 count boxes.  Call the shop or drop by  for the best prices.  We also carry WAPSI Lightning Strike hooks and most of the Tiemco Hooks will convert to the Lightning Strike hook as they are less $$$$$$$

100 BL #10 thru #22      101 #10 thru #20      102Y #13 thru #21     200R #4thru #20       2457 #6 thru #18     2487BL #10 thru #20

2488 #10 thru #24    This Hook will be $13.75 for box of 100 this year.

2488H #12 thru #20   2499SP-BL #6 thru 18    3761 #6 thru #18

Cyclops beads in Black, Gold, Copper and Silver are also in stock in 100 count packages for $6.99  See your mailer for more information.

All colors of UTC thread in 70-140-210 denier are also in stock $1.49

UTC wire in the extra small-small-and brassie are also in stock in every color that is carried.  Note:  Not all colors come in the extra small size.

Maxima Fluorocarbon tippet in 200 yard spools sizes 6x-5x-4x-3x-2x-1x are also in stock  $18.95

This water proof fly box is back in stock.  5 inches tall by 4 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches deep.  $12.95

This Greys box is also back in stock  and is a great value at $12.95

These Slim Line boxes are great and fit in a pocket.  The large one is currently out of stock but we have plenty of the small and medium boxes.

The Meat Locker streamer or terrestrial box 8 1/4 ” tall by 10 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/8 inches deep is a fabulous deal at $29.95  You have seen this box sell for much more  Limited quantity

This box has foam slits on the top of the box as well.

Call the shop 8 to 4 central time 870-445-3848 we will ship your order the same day if you call before noon our time.

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