Slotted Tungsten Beads-New Products

New and now available at as well as at our brick and mortar shop Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop are slotted tungsten beads, dumb bell presentation eyes and Maxima fluorocarbon 110 yard tippet guide spool spools.  Slotted beads are available in 100 count packages as well as 25 count packages.  Prices are at the end of this page.  Also in stock as a special order and hopefully as a permanent stock item from Maxima are the 3″ 110 yard fluorocarbon tippet spools with tippet keeper elastic band with the X-Factor printed on it as well as color coded so your tippet size is easy to find.  We have also just brought on presentation dumb bell  eyes in three sizes- Small-Medium-Large.  These eyes are made of brass and will  look great on your flies such as clousers and at this time are available in Nickel and Black.

Dumbell eyes available at this time in black and nickel and are $3.50  per 25 count package that is .13 cents per eye which is a whole sale price.  These eyes generally retail in 10 packs for $2.50 per 10 count package or .25 cents per eye so it’s a great value as we are the direct importer of these eyes.



This 3″ Maxima 110 yard guide spool of fluorocarbon tippet at $18.00 is a special order Wishes & Fishes had Maxima put together for us.  Our Maxima rep and friend (Tom Jindra) were discussing the need of a smaller spool for the wade fisherman and this spool fills that need and at one heck of a spectacular value.  As you know if you buy other fluorocarbon tippets you will only get 30 yards or meters for about this price.  In fact this price even beats the wholesale prices of other 3″ 110 yard tippet spools that retail from $34.95  Available at or call (870)-445-3848 or drop by the shop


100 count packages

2 mm          (5/64)  $14.00 per hundred      $4.00 per 25 pack

2.5 mm      (3/32)  $14.00 per hundred      $4.00 per 25 pack

3.0 mm     (7/64)  $14.00 per hundred       $4.00 per 25 pack

3.5 mm      (1/8)   $16.00 per hundred       $4.50 per 25 pack

4.0 mm     (5/32) $19.00 per hundred       $5.25 per 25 pack




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