New Hogskin Creek Products: Forceps.

HeeManCuts.  Yep! These forceps are popular if you have big hands and fingers .  Easy to use with gloves on as well and easy to see with the orange handles.  You’ve seen these online and in the fly shops for $14.99 and Hogskin Creek now has them in stock at our shop in Bull Shoals as well as our online store.  Surgical stainless steel with an impressive set of cutters that will also smash down a barb in a hurry.  Easy to use and easy to see with the bright orange easy grip handles..  Order yours today!!!!  Limited supply. for a limited time for $12.00 bucks.

This pair of forceps is made of tungsten carbide and they are tough enough to smash down BIG salt water barbs and BIG bass hooks as well as delicate trout hooks. Even nickel black hooks will succumb easily to this pair of forceps which also has side cutters that will easily take care of 20 lb tippet all the way down to 12X tippet including fluorocarbon and braided type lines. They will cut just about any type of line including wire.  Locking forceps with smooth upper jaws   so as not to tear up up your most delicate size 22 thread midges.  Smash your barbs with confidence.  This pair of forceps sells at the big box stores and in fly shops from $24.95   They are not cheap and I’m sure you have seen them before.  Get your pair now for just $19.95

New on the market are these power jaws forceps with cutters and these come with the ever popular “Trout Skin” color.  This small but powerful set of forceps will smash down just about any trout hook and cut your tippet or leader.  Perfect for smaller hands and fingers as well as makes a great tool at the tying desk for picking up hooks and materials.  You’ve seem them at the big “O” shops and on line for $15.95 in the gold handle and these are only 12.95 for a limited time.  Limited supplies.







Yep!  These are the same power forceps as the ones above but with the gold handles and are only $10.00 instead of $15.95  What a bargain.





Hogskin Creek directly imports these quality tools from some of the same sources as the ones you see in the fly shops and big box stores so when you buy from us you by-pass a couple of distributors and save some big bucks.  We guarantee your satisfaction for 90 days after your purchase so if you don’t like them we will buy them back from you…  Now that’s hard to beat.  If you have bought our tungsten beads from us over the past 7 years you also know how easy we are to deal with and how fast we get your order shipped to you.  So give us a shout at our shop in Bull Shoals Arkansas 870-445-3848 or check out our web shop at  Discounts to Fly Fishing Clubs when bought in bulk.



You’ve seen these forceps before as they are the standard gold handle tool of pretty much every fly fisher except these have a build in eye cleaner.  Made of surgical stainless and retailing for around $10.00 just about everywhere.  Our price is only $8.00

This pair is exactly the same as the one above but without the gold on the handle.  Eye cleaner included and 5″ long they are a bargain at only $5.50 a pair.




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