Fly Box Sale

Wishes & Fishes has managed to come up with some more great fly boxes at unbeatable prices.  Call the shop 870-445-3848 or send an E-mail to order yours today.

Top 4 1/2 X 3 X 1/2 Middle 5 X 3 7/8 X 1/2 Bottom 7 3/8 X 3 7/8 X 1/2

These boxes are slim and trim and easy to fit into any pocket.  Choose your size and how many flies you need to carry.  Small (top one)  Reg Price: $10.00  Sale Price: $8.50  Med (middle one) Reg Price $12.00 Sale Price : $9.50  Large (bottom one) Reg Price $15.00  Sale Price $11.00

Get yours today while they are in stock:

These boxes are the same size as the ones pictured above.

These boxes are the same size as the ones pictured above and are price the same way.  Great for organizing hooks as the bottom is magnetic.  Call and order yours today 870-445-3848  while they are in stock.

Perfect for dry flies and they will fit into any pocket.  See through lid so you can find your flies or hooks fast.







Greys Fly Box

This Greys box is back in stock.  Regular price $15.00 Sale Price $12.50 and holds a ton of flies.  These Greys Fly Boxes are a great value for the money and are well made.  They are also easy to close and have a brass hinge that won’t rust as well as a leaf for added fly space.  Perfect for midges and other small flies.  Load up and get two.






Water Proof 5" X 4" X 1 3/4"

This ever popular box is back.  You’ve seen them at all kind of prices up to $20.00 in fly shops as well as on websites.  If your like me you get e-mails with them listed for much higher prices than you can get them from W&F Fly Shop as our price on them is $12.50  Get ’em while they last.  Call the shop 870-445-3848  Order 4 boxes or more and shipping is only $2.00

Phone Orders from 9 till 4 Tuesday through Saturday

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Cicadas Are Coming!

Cicadas in stock-Get yours today

Next month will see a rare 13 year event of the emergence of periodical cicadas.  This 13 year emergence will begin next month around the first or second week of May and will last 3 to 5 weeks during it’s peak.  If you have ever fished a cicada emergence then you know what it means as a fisher!  This emergence (brood XIX) will cover a large chunk of of the country.  When these creatures begin to die off and fall into the water from the trees these flies better be in your arsenal.   Get yours today.  Drop by or call the shop to order yours.  870-445-3848

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Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop

Visit us in Bull Shoals Arkansas

Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop is located on the main road in the town of Bull Shoals.  As you can see from this picture we’re not hard to miss as our building is painted blue.  This summer we’ll celebrate our 16th year in this building.  With each passing month our product lines grow so that we can cater to your fly fishing and tying needs.  You know us mostly as the tungsten bead folks as we supply many tiers with this very popular component at below wholesale prices to the public.  Check out the Tungsten Bead Outlet page for all of the colors that we carry.

T-Beads in the center of this picture

Looking for terminal tackle?  We have the flies you need that will catch fish as well as the leader and tippet to tie your flies to.  Maxima, Rio, Teeny, Umpqua, Orvis and Seaguar are on our shelves as well as various types of indicators, shot, floatant and the forceps  you’ll need to down the barbs.

Forget your sunglasses?  Cocoons, Typhoon floating sunglasses as well as cheaters so you can see that little eye of the fly hook.

Chota Boots and Waders

Chota boots and waders are well stocked in all sizes

Looking for a new rod and reel?  We carry Hardy Zenith rods as well as Greys nymphing and wet fly rods.  From the folks at Farbank (Sage- Rio- Redington) our choice of Redington rods and Reels as well as Galvan reels will fill your needs.  Speaking of filling!  We also carry Rio and Teeny fly lines that will fill your spools and carry your flies right into the mouth of that big fish.  Drop by and say hello.

Our hours are from 8:00 am till a 5:00 pm Monday thru Saturday and we leave early on Sunday at around 2:00 pm  On holiday weekends  we almost never get out of the shop till 7 or 8 pm.  Questions?  Call the shop at 870-445-3848 Need a guide call 870-404-8906

Jim & Debbie Traylor

Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop  627 Central Blvd Bull Shoals, Ar 72619  Shop #  870-445-3848

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Redington Rods: Coming Soon

REDINGTON RODS ARE NOW IN STOCK:  Redington rods are a great value for the money.  Compared to other value rods the quality control of these rods is not like the other makers you are familiar with.  For trout fishing rods it actually feels like a rod you paid more $$$

Redington Makes Fly Fishing Fun!

Redington was founded in 1992 and has always brought innovative and performance driven products to the market; always at a tremendous value to anglers worldwide. We believe that good quality doesn’t have to mean over-priced. From experienced anglers to beginners just getting their feet wet for the first time, we have everything you need.

Located in the Pacific Northwest where we have access to some of the most wonderful fishing resources in the world, Redington delivers products that get the most out of your time on the water and really, just make fly fishing more fun. The people of Redington design the best products for the outdoor and fly fishing enthusiast because they love and enjoy the same world you do. So they know what you want and truly, what you need.

Making versatile and value-oriented fly rods, reels, waders and apparel, Redington gives you what you are looking for. Versatility that performs, Value you need and the quality you deserve.

I am looking forward to the Classic Trout Rod as well as the CPX.  Think XP!  That’s what it feels like so if you were or are a fan of that famous rod drop by and try one out.  They’ll be here in a week or so.  I’ll have one rigged up for you to try.

We’ll also have a nice selection of Redington Reels to choose from as well.

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Hareline Dubbing~Maxima

We are pleased to announce we are now carrying Hareline Dubbing products.  As the shop continues to grow we would like to thank those of you who shop with us as it is your patronage that allows us to continue to bring you great products at great prices that keep you on the water pursuing your passion of fly fishing.

A large order of Maxima Fluorocarbon tippet on 200 yard spools arrived in the shop yesterday.  In stock are 200 yard spools in 6X-5X-4X-3X-2X-1X  $18.95 and the 0X is $22.95  This guide as well as other guides have been using this product on both low and higher generation water for the past two years and it works extremely well.  Just take a look at the gallery to see the fish we are bringing in with this fluorocarbon tippet.  SAVE some big bucks and drop by the shop and pick some up today.

Bulk Thingamabobbers are also in in the 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes.  Our annual shipment of Iowa grown partridges also arrived this week with both cock and hens now in stock.  These are huge birds and a pleasure to tie with.  We also have in some new midge material that Richard Ramsy has been using on his #24 hooks which we also have in stock.  Looking for a wire to tie with in the X-Fine range?  We’ve got that in as well and even have it in Gold.  Bronze is also a good color and other colors include lilac, red, blue and silver.

Don’t forget to check out our selection of barbless hooks from Tiemco.  These will keep you “fine” free at our C&R areas and put a sour puss face on the game warden.   🙁   No worries if he brings out the cotton ball test 🙂

Thank You and Good Fishing

Debbie & Jim Traylor

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What’s New – Tungsten Beads & Brass Beads

Galvan Reels

Galvan is a reel that is made in the U.S.A.  Currently we have these reels in 3,4 & 5 wts.  Drop by the shop and check them out.

All tungsten beads are in stock as are brass beads in Gold, Silver, Copper and Black.  You will like our prices.  Just in today are Davy Wotton barbless flies for our catch and release area.  Never worry about getting a fine while fishing in that area as our barbless hook box is growing.  Every week this past January and into February we are adding new product in the shop.  New tying materials for this month so far are swiss straw, Otters milking eggs and squirrel zonkers, super 77 and Devcon 5 minute epoxy.  115 dozen flies have also just been put into the fly bins as well with lots of dry caddis and sulphers and various versions of those flies for the caddis hatch in march and the sulpher hatch starting at the end of May.  In anticipation of another great hopper hatch we’ve also brought aboard some new hopper patterns and will have more of them over the next two months.  We also stock every color of UTC thread in the 70 and 140 denier as well as Uni thread in just about every color in 6/0 and 8/0.  Barbless Tiemco hooks are also back in stock in full force but they won’t last long.  If you are looking for wire we also have all colors of X-sm and Sm wire.

Water Proof Fly Boxes $12.50

This is how we like to buy so we can pass along the savings to you.  Also in stock are Greys Fly Boxes with the leaf at the same price.

Special price on Natural Color Tungsten beads $3.00 per package of 25 up to 1/8 and $3.50 for the 5/32 and $4.50 for the 3/16 size.

All other colors $4.00 per package of 25 and $4.75 for the 5/32 and $4.50 for the  3/16 size. Click on the Tungsten Bead page for pictures of all the colors.

Tungsten Beads

Brass Beads in Black, Gold, Copper & Silver are now available in 100 count packs and 25 count packs.

25 count packages $1.75 and the 100 count packages are $5.50

Brass Beads- Copper, Gold, Silver, Black

Shop # 870-445-3848 for telephone orders 9 am till 4:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Drop in the shop and say hello.  Special Orders Welcome

Debbie & Jim Traylor

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Tungsten Beads in 14 colors


Looking For Brass Beads?  We’ve got those in 100 count and now 25 count packages.

Welcome.  Feel free to call the shop with any questions at 870-445-3848.

After Jan 1st we will only be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 until 4:00 Things get pretty slow around here during that month.  We will go back to normal hours February 1st.

All colors of Tungsten Beads are now in stock.  Regular colors include:  Gold-Copper-Silver-Black-Nickel-Nickel Black ( gun metal ) & Natural (pewter).  Hot Colored beads include: White-Pearl White-Hot Pink-Fl. Orange- Chartreuse – Red.  Green and Salmon colors sizes are limited to the smaller sizes.  Click on the tungsten bead tab above to see all the colors.

X-Small 4 mm          10 count   $2.80   25 Count $6.25
Medium 5 mm          10 count   $3.10   25 Count $6.25
Large     6 mm         10 count  $3.25     25 Count $6.75
These tungsten cones are pewter in color.

Use this chart to help you decide what size bead to use.

Bead Size Chart

Sizes #10 down to Size #22 $12.50 per 100 Count Box.

25 count packs of 2488’s are now $4.00 per package as I am overstocked .  Sizes #14 through #28  Size #16’s are very low as Umpqua is out of this hook.

Barbless Hooks $14.50 100 count sizes #10 to #20

This is one nice fly box from Greys.  5 inches tall and 3 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches thick and holds a ton of flies and at $12.50 they make great Christmas Gifts.

This box reduced to $12.50

Water Proof Box reduced to $12..00

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Coming Soon Tungsten Cones

Coming Soon:  Tungsten Cone Heads 4 sizes. X-Small (4.3 mm), Small (4.5mm ), Med (5.4 mm ), and Large (6.4 mm)

Prices:  X-small and Small 25 pack  $8.50                                            Med & Large           25 pack $10.00  Free Shipping when your tungsten bead order reaches $24.00

This weeks special while supplies last:  Why pay $32.oo for a box when you can get them for less. TMC 2499 SP-BL 100 Count Boxes from sizes 6 to 18 for $25.00  Drop by are call the shop at 870-445-3848

TMC 2499 SP-BL Hooks Sizes 6 to 18 $25.00 per 100 count

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