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Visit us in Bull Shoals Arkansas

Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop is located on the main road in the town of Bull Shoals.  As you can see from this picture we’re not hard to miss as our building is painted blue.  This summer we’ll celebrate our 16th year in this building.  With each passing month our product lines grow so that we can cater to your fly fishing and tying needs.  You know us mostly as the tungsten bead folks as we supply many tiers with this very popular component at below wholesale prices to the public.  Check out the Tungsten Bead Outlet page for all of the colors that we carry.

T-Beads in the center of this picture

Looking for terminal tackle?  We have the flies you need that will catch fish as well as the leader and tippet to tie your flies to.  Maxima, Rio, Teeny, Umpqua, Orvis and Seaguar are on our shelves as well as various types of indicators, shot, floatant and the forceps  you’ll need to down the barbs.

Forget your sunglasses?  Cocoons, Typhoon floating sunglasses as well as cheaters so you can see that little eye of the fly hook.

Chota Boots and Waders

Chota boots and waders are well stocked in all sizes

Looking for a new rod and reel?  We carry Hardy Zenith rods as well as Greys nymphing and wet fly rods.  From the folks at Farbank (Sage- Rio- Redington) our choice of Redington rods and Reels as well as Galvan reels will fill your needs.  Speaking of filling!  We also carry Rio and Teeny fly lines that will fill your spools and carry your flies right into the mouth of that big fish.  Drop by and say hello.

Our hours are from 8:00 am till a 5:00 pm Monday thru Saturday and we leave early on Sunday at around 2:00 pm  On holiday weekends  we almost never get out of the shop till 7 or 8 pm.  Questions?  Call the shop at 870-445-3848 Need a guide call 870-404-8906

Jim & Debbie Traylor

Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop  627 Central Blvd Bull Shoals, Ar 72619  Shop #  870-445-3848

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9 Responses to Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop

  1. Bob Jensen says:

    JT you asked me to try out a new design in a hackle tool called TYFLYZ TOOLZ -Hackle Tweezer several weeks ago. Since that time I have tyed over 150 flies and I am really impressed with the product. The flies were 18-22, Adams and pheasant tails, #12 french nyumphs and #14/18 soft hackle. The tool performed flawlesly, providing a continious firm grip on delicate stems duringing the process. Your wesite notifications are very informative and you have a fine selection of fly fishing gear and materials in your shop. Your low prices on tungston are legendary. I support the local purchases of products from our fly shops. You cannot get the timely information, service , product exposure and personal interaction from the BIG BOX STORES. Bob

  2. Stan Holt says:

    great site–question–do you have bug collar beads-thanks—- Stan

  3. mike jaegers says:

    hope to see you at sowbug

  4. keith campbell says:

    Hi, Jim and Debby! The trout are few and far between here in Kansas…as in none. I miss seeing you two! I am writing to ask 1) how many strands the Cortland paracord is that you have for sale, and 2) how many feet per unit. Thanks!

    Ruth and I hope to return for a week starting around Oct. 1. See you soon! – Keith

  5. Noel says:

    Hi i gotin contact with a fella called Chris Rotchford. This fellow reffered me on to you for a question i had about thinkfish box system and its trays. I am told that cortland discontinued them. My question is can the trays in the black with black foam be obtained ive looked nearly everywere for them and just come up blank but yet i do see them in pictures. I would really like be able get them in black and any help at all would be more than what i found. Thanks

  6. Jim Gunderson says:

    This is the only place to buy your beads, quality beads at a great price, fast service.
    Thank You, Jim

  7. Bob Heine says:

    What Local Arkansas boat dealer put the oars and oar locks on you boat? I’m interested. Bob Heine. 314-409-2259

  8. Ralph Shuey says:

    Have we got any Sylk 5wt left in the warehouse? Ralph needs a cheapie!!! Hope you boys don’t get flooded too bad. I’ll be up there on the 20th, make sure flows are such that I can wade!!!


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