Tungsten Beads at the http://theflyfishing-store.com

Tungsten Beads

See our online web store at http://theflyfishing-store.com for the best prices on tungsten beads for your fly tying needs.  Beads starting at $12.00 per hundred or $3.50 for 25 count packages.  Unfinished beads at $2.50 per 25 count packages.  Cyclops beads, slotted tungsten beads.  If you prefer give the shop a call at 870-445-3848 and you can order that way.  Through the end of January 2015 we are offering $1.00 shipping in the U.S.

This Euro style 45 degree angle bronze jig hook is like the 400 BL black nickel hook but does not have the cost of the Hanek or Umpqua Hanek hooks.  A 25 count package is only $5.25 and a 100 count package is only $18.00  Currently they are only in stock in sizes #14 and #16  Will have them on the web store soon or give the shop a call at 870-445-348 and get yours today.  This hook is working well for me on the White River in Arkansas.

A 400 BL type hook (bronze)

A 400 BL type hook (bronze)

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