Cortland Products Blow out

Below are a few of the items we have in our shop:

If you see anything here you want us to ship to you give the shop a call at 870-445-3848 and we will ship it to you .  Most items $3.50 rods $10.00 or check out which is our online shop .  Lots of leaders and fly line there.  Or e-bay ji.trayl

Retro 1 3/4 wt machined reel  MSRP $130 40% off $78.00

Pro Cast 9′ 6wt rod MSRP $130 50% off $65.00

Fluorocarbon Tippet from 0X to 7X Reg $14.00 blow out $9.00 per spool or by 5 get one free

Diamond Back 11′ Switch Rods MSRP $375.00 take 40% off $225

Dragon Fly Large Arbor Graphite Reel $50.00

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