Low Water Wading~Incredible Catching

Gretchen with Bow

This past week saw the C.O.E. give us some low wadeable water starting this past wednesday and lasting through friday.  Generation ceased at or before midnight and was cranked up again around noon or 1:00 pm which allowed me to stay in front of the water and continue to wade with my fisherman.  It does look as though this holiday weekend will not bring such luck on the White River as generation is scheduled to begin at 7:00 am each day through this Monday Memorial day.  However moving downstream or staying in front of the water will allow one to continue fishing low water.  That of course is my plan.   On Tuesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Gretchen F. from the Baton Rouge area of LA.  Gretchen is from the North West and this is the first time she has been able to fish with a fly rod in cold water in a number of years.  We dodged some afternoon storms and we managed to stay dry for the day.  And a good day it was as the trout cooperated well.  Generation was steady at 2 units for the day.

Wednesday brought us the start of the first of 4 days of some wadeable water and Andy from Amarillo Tx brought his daughter Leslie who is going to school in Little Rock fishing.  She had never had a fly rod in her hand before and by the end of the day she was casting some nice loops 40 feet and landing some good fish.  Her best of the day was a cutthroat she hooked at Three Chutes.

Leslies' Cutt

One nice cutt this was and it was played well.  Three Chutes has been fishing very well the past few days and has produced some good and decent fish for us as well as a couple of Brown Trout

Leslie from Amarillo
Leslies' Cutt at Three Chutes

One nice cutt about 16 inches.

Why is it that the women pick up the fly fishing so much faster than the men?

For the past month Hank and Shirley D. from Livingston Tx. have been hanging out on the White and Thursday was the last of our 4 days of fishing for the month.  Both Hank and Shirley had a stellar morning with countless fish to hand before lunch.  The afternoon wasn’t quite as good but was productive to say the least.  It’s hard to beat a 100 fish morning and then compare it to a bit slower afternoon of only 25 fish!


Shirley taking off another fish.  See you and hank in the fall.


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