Generation~Norfork & Bull Shoals Lake DO Data

This past Monday generation began to  change from the continuous around the clock 14,000 plus CFS or more and is now down to under 4,000 CFS during the night and early morning hours.  This makes for some dramatic fluctuations on a unit and a half to just about 8 units or a 12 foot difference from the early hours of the morning to the afternoon.  This of course is churning up this annoying moss we have and adds to the frustration of nymph fishing on the bottom.  However some dry fly fishing with sulphers on the surface is possible and on the lower generation levels hoppers and floating ants with a dropper is getting productive.  The mayfly hatch of sulphers continues along the river mostly in the afternoons when it gets much heavier.  The past few years we began seeing sulphers on the upper end of the river and are now seeing a big hatch of these bugs at the dam.

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The dissolved oxygen or (DO) on Norfork lake is not looking good at this time and has dropped since last month.  Here is a quick overview from the Crystal Cove area and the data was taken on the 25th of June.

Surface the temp is 91.4 and the DO is 7.53  –

25 feet temp is 73.4 DO is 8.31-

At 30 feet the DO really changes.  Temp is 70.3 and DO is 3.19-

At 50 feet the temp is 62.1 and the DO is 1.47

At 78 feet the temp is 52.3 and DO is 1.51.

Here is the DO data at the 62 bridge taken on the 24th of June:

At the surface the temp is 87.8 and the DO is 8.7

20 feet 81.9  DO  12.35

25 feet 74.7  DO  8.53

50 feet 62.1  DO  2.2

75 feet 52.5  DO 3.29

100′    48.2  DO 1.59

125′    47.3  DO 0.25

Bull Shoals Lake DO taken near the Dam:

O feet       temp 86.2     DO 7.3

25 feet        70.3               12.5

50 feet         58.6              10.2

75 feet         54.3               9.6

100 feet      51.4               10.0

130 feet      47.5               10.7

190 feet      43.3                9.8

The DO is much lower further up Bull Shoals Llake like it is on the Norfork:

At  0 feet  temp  87.1   DO 7.1

25 feet                70.0      8.5

50                         58.8    7.4

100                      51.4     8.2

130                      46.8    8.1

160                      45.5    7.8

Good fishing.

Jim  6/29/10

Here is the Data at Oakland.

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