Winter is Here

Frank from Memphis w/20 inch bow

Fishing on the White River is always good of course but the catching is outstanding at the moment.  We are past the last moon phase the temps are cooling down and getting just right for the fish to spawn which is ramping up rapidly and the fish are hungry especially if riding this latest pattern of rapidly rising water early in the morning. It does make for some good numbers but it is moving so fast you can’t let it pass you up.

Ring Tail Gulls Bring In Winter

This is when we know winter is here on the white river as the Ring Tail Gulls from  the Great Lakes came with our last cold front.  It signals the arrival of good fishing as well as the colder weather for the Ozarks.  Starting early next year we watch the gulls for another annual event on the White River but more on that later in the year (see article on shad kill).

Sand Bass or White Bass

While fishing in front of the Gastons Dock Scott R from Dallas hooked and landed this 2 1/2 lb  Sand Bass.  A left over from the “08” Floods?  More than likely it is.  There are still some walleye, largemouth, drum and other species hanging around in the river but not like it was earlier in the year.

Here We Go Again

Here we go again with more Dam work.  Looks like some resurfacing going on this time around with workers cutting out bad concrete areas that are to be repaired.

Crowds are gone.  Time to go fishing.

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