Caddis Hatch is Strong

Tent Wing Caddis

Over this past weekend our caddis hatch has come on strong.  Elk hair caddis as well as emergers and the one seen here are working very well.  On higher flows  two types of bead head emergers one by Davy Wotton and the other by Donny Hyslip are the ticket to success.  Flows today Monday began with a strong 4 units and have dropped all morning long.  Drop a wine colored San Juan worm and see what happens. A tent wing caddis is to the right >

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  1. Jimmy!
    It was great catching up with you at the Sow Bug! We took advantage of the great weather, Sunday morning before heading home, to fish again on the White River! As the sun popped, on occasion, through the clouds, it was enough to get the caddis hatch in gear! You could see it happening, with the trout working in over drive to catch the emergers and then top water as the caddis tried to take flight! Each burst would last but a few minutes but was grand all the same! Did well with a soft hackle, tagged with an emerger pattern as a dropper!
    Stay safe on the water!
    Tihjt lines and smile!

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