Monday 17th August

Got to fish some low water monday with a father Jim and his two sons John and Mike.  This was the first morning of low water that is scheduled for the habitat improvement project up at the dam.  We put the boat in and headed up to what I call the magic spot.  Got a fish right away.  In fact we got a ton of fish form the magic spot.  Two small brown trout and a good bow that Jim hooked and landed.  It was non-stop for sure.  I use this technique often on the river which few folks ever seem to use or even fewer guides seem to use.  I must thank my friend John Wilson for teaching me this technique 7 years ago as it produces well all year long.  It has also been adapted for high water or rising water with a little twist as input from my friend Davy Wotton.  It is always a satisfying day for me when my fisherman tell me it was the most productive day of fishing they have ever had.  Thanks Jim, John and Mike.  You guys have learned a new technique that few know how to fish and it will come in handy on most any river that you fish in the future.

River News:

Low water should continue for the next 10 day and perhaps more due to a setback with the habitat improvement project when the water quickly rose to 4 1/2 units today.  Much of the “timber” that was to be used was washed away down stream this afternoon.  It appears that an equipment failure is the cause.  The device used to anchor the “timber” broke this morning so a bunch of “root wad” & “cedar tree” material went floating by the river cliff dock this afternoon.  This project is scheduled to last into october but in speaking with the contractor on two occasions he has indicated to me that this project is moving along at a rapid rate and should be finished within 8 to 10 days.  Of course this conversation was before the setback of today.  I should have some more news tomorrow.

Guiding News:

August traditionally is a slow month due to back to school but this month is turning out to be an exception as there has been a flurry of folks wanting to fish as the weather has been cooperative and now of course the flows and generation are being cooperative.  My strategy is to either stay in front of the water or “ride the rise”.  Staying in front of the water entails hi-tailing it down stream and hitting spots before the water rises.  However the trick is to work the window of the previous days dropping water and the current days rising water.  This of course depends on the times that generation ceases the previous day  and when generation begins the next day, but  not to worry I’ve got 15 years of experience dong this.  My other strategy is to ride the rise, IE: fish the initial push of the water.  This is a fun way to fish out of the boat.  When the water rises the fish really turn on.  If you have ever been on this or the norfork river when water is rising then you will know what I’m talking about as it will last for about 10 or 15 minutes. When riding the rise out of a boat  it’s very exciting and is full of fast action but for a much longer period of time. Of course it can be very dangerous unless you know exactly what you are doing and know the river “EXTREMELY” well.  If this sounds like fun to you give me a shout at 870-404-8906.

Fly Shop News:

Wishes and Fishes would like to thank those folks who have patronized us these past few months.  I’d also like to thank those folks who have taken advantage of my mail out to FFF clubs  regarding Tungsten Beads so feel free to give us a shout at the shop with any questions 870-445-3848.  The response has been extraordinary.  Due a few large orders we will be out of 4.0 (5/32) and 4.6 (3/16) gold beads until roughly the end of september.  The Hot Colored beads seem to be popular and more than a few tiers have been getting creative with some new flies as have some of our local guides as well as a few local tiers such as Richard Ramsay and Randy Sublett and T-Bird as well.  Thanks to Davy Wotton and Ron Yarborough my fellow guides for helping me out and testing a few new patterns as well as helping me out with a few group trips.  I also thank them for letting me help them out with group trips as well.  We have more on the books so if you are looking for THE most experienced and knowledgeable guides on the river give the shop a call.

Good fishing and above all be careful when wading low water and always be aware of the possibility of rapidly rising water.

Jim & Debbie Traylor

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