High Water Fly Fishing=Bigger And Better Fish

  If you are one of -THOSE- fisherman who limit themselves to a strictly wade fishing diet then you are starving yourself of some great fishing.  The White and Norfork rivers are running full bore after some heavy rains in May.  The White River is flowing at 28,600 CFS or roughly the equivalent of 9 full generators.  Its a wide and fast flowing river and Big Water means BIGGER fish on the White.  

   This is nothing new for the White this decade.  2008 saw some big flows with water the equivalent of 12 units and again in 2011 with flows the equivalent of 14 and 16 units.  If the truth be known 2011 saw some fantastic fishing on those flows (check out the 2016 gallery).  So this is the third time the White River has seen this action.  Dinky little stocker bows are few and far between but the better, bigger, longer fish are taking flies on the long rod.  The oxygen levels are great and the fish are fighting mad and healthy.  

   So if you are looking for some great action on the long rod with some better and bigger fish then the White River is the place.  The temps are great, the scenery is beautiful, the locals are friendly and the fish are taking flies.

  Give our fly shop a shout at 870-445-3848 8 AM till 4 PM or call 870-404-8906 or send a text or an e-mail to jim@flyfisharkansas.com

1/2 day $300.00 and a full day is $400.00.  All terminal tackle included.  Bottled water and lunches included on a full day.  And of course our 22 years of experience on the White and Norfork rivers guarantee you will have a great time.  Catch and Release only please. 


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  1. Great article Jimmy, I appreciate you telling it like it is! Only the guides who have been here a longtime really know just how good it can be. Thanks for putting the word out there!

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