White River Fishing Report~9-27-09

This past week generation has been steady with the water shut off until three on thursday. The only day with no generation. A unit and a half or two has been the norm and is good water to drift on. It has been cleaner closer to the dam as last weeks rain continued to run off and make it a bit more dingy from wildcat shoals down. The sun finally came out on friday after a couple of weeks of grey days.
Lots of different flies have been working with no one fly really taking the stage until yesterday saturday and the tan SJ Worm worked for most of the day. The fishing has been getting a little tougher after 11:00 am in the morning. This past week I’ve been experimenting with a new fly that seems to be working pretty well. We’re still tossing around a name but Debbie from Kansas has suggested a name TNT. It is a soft hackle type fly and is still in the being proven process but is looking good. Marty from NYC caught two good fish on it this week and I’m sure that when he gets back this next spring he’ll have a bunch tied up. Yesterdays fishing was good but the wind picked up pretty good around 11:00 am and for the next couple of days it looks as though wind will be a factor in planning drifts. Last tuesday at the dam looked like a saturday as just about every fly guide was up there due to heavy run off from bruce creek down. I’ve noticed that courtesy amongst guides has improved greatly with little wake being thrown at other boats which is a good thing because fly fishers like to stand in boats and cast.

Conclave is this next weekend and I’m looking forward to hanging out with some old friends and meeting some new ones. The freestaters from Kansas will be in town en masse and am looking forward to seeing them again.

Remember courtesy and respect on our rivers is part of being safe. Especially when it is crowded.

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