Yikes! Here Comes Ike

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As of this morning at midnight the White River has been shut down.  Don’t know why but I do know it is making a lot of folks around here happy.  This guide for one will be hitting the river to do some wade fishing and some scouting around.  The lake level at Bull Shoals is not at 681.40 and rising and currently there is no generation.  The Norfork Lake level is 566.60 and has been dropping and there is currently no generation at this time.

Unfortunately the hurricane Ike is predicted to go through texas and head up towards us as Gustave did 10 days ago and dumped a bunch of rain in the watershed which brought up Bull Shoals lake 6 feet.  It looks as though we are in the path of another hurricane and we sure don’t need the rain.  Thus far for the year we have had 42.88 inches of rain at the dam and the predictions range from 2″ to 12″ depending on which T.V. station one watches.  

This past tuesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Jim from Colorado.  We spent the day fishing the upper end of the river on some fluctuating water.  Jim managed to catch some good fish and have a couple of really good ones get off the hook.  We did see one of the fish and it is always exciting when a good one gets on and a little disappointing when it got off.  Thats the thing about big fish up at our C&R area.  These fish have a tendency to swim right at the fisherman and one has to be prepared to strip line in at a high rate of speed as opposed to trying to reel it in.  It just dosn’t work most of the time. All in all a good day on 1 to 2 units.  

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