Fly Tying Contest

Check out this you tube from our trip this past thursday.  Created by  Brent M of Feather-Craft in St. Louis.

fly tying contest where the winner has their fly in Feather-Craft’s 2011 catalogue AND other super-sweet prizes?  Well, it is happening.  I’ve been working with Feather-Craft to get this thing rolling and I have to say…it is the best fly tying contest I have heard of.   The winner will have their fly produced by Rainy’s, will win a new Renzetti Traveler Vise along with other awesome prizes (one of which I am completely freaking out about.)  Prizes like these are literally unheard of as far tying contest go so you would think the major production tyers will be submitting their patterns right?  Wrong…no “ringers” allowed, those tyers that already have a fly in production are not allowed to submit.  In other words this contest is for the average joe fly tyer.

The contest site is in blog format and will feature every-single-fly that is in the contest, with a photo, and ‘recipe’ for all the flies as well!  And since it is in blog format comments are allowed and VERY welcome.  As a matter of fact you can go to the site right now,  post a comment on the March Giveaway page and you could win a Renzetti this month!  When you are there sign up for email notifications because the site will be changing all the time.  Pretty cool customer service kind of thing from an awesome fly shop!

So go to to check it out.

UpDate: Tuesday

Generation continues at Bull shoals Dam with 1 to 3 1/2 units around the clock.  This past thursday I did find a caddis at the C&R area and yesterday was getting reports of caddis further down stream.  It is time for a caddis hatch.  A dry Humpy with a dropper on lower flows can be deadly from tucker down at this time.   Good fishing.

Stay fishy my friends


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