More on the Shad Kill

Since wednesday Feb 18th the shad kill has continued through yesterday.  This shad kill is massive with literally tons of this bio mass coming through the dam through out the water column from the surface to the bottom.  Live schools of shad are being pushed down through the  to rim shoals.  Fishing at the upper end is getting tough due to the gorging of the trout.  At this time we are starting our fishing at wildcat and fishing down stream staying in front of the daily kill.  This event is great for the fish and will cause them to grow at a rapid rate.   When this kill stops the fish will continue to key in on patterns that mimic shad.  If you have always wanted to experience a shad kill now is the time to book your trip by calling 870-404-8906

To sign up for my shad kill alert send an e-mail to with Shad Kill Alert in the subject line.

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