Tungsten Cones

6 MM tungsten Cones

Now in stock 6 mm tungsten cones.  $9.50 for 25 count and $34.00 for hundred count.  See http://theflyfishing-store.com or call the shop at 870-445-3848


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http://theflyfishing-store.com Tungsten Beads Veevus Thread

gold tungsten beads

gold tungsten beads

Tungsten beads starting at the great price of just $12.00 per hundred.  See all of the colors at our online shop at http://theflyfishing-store.com  You’ll also like our shipping cost which is just $3.50 to the lower 48 states.  Check out our thread as well as we carry UTC-Uni and Veevus thread as well.  We carry every color of thread that Wapsi has and every color of wire in X-tra small, small and most colors in the brassie size.  You’ll love our prices on that as well.

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Tungsten Shortage

Perhaps you are having trouble getting some colors and sizes of your favorite tungsten beads.

These articles may help explain the situation.

Monday April 22, 2013, 3:23pm PDT

The Chinese State Reserve Bureau plans to start stockpiling tungsten concentrate with an initial purchase of 10,000 tonnes, a major tungsten producer told Metal-Pages today.

China’s tungsten ore reserves have declined from 4.2 million tons to 1.9 million tons, a decline of over half, according to statistics from 2003 to 2011. The purchase, which will be undertaken by China Minmetals, the Asian country’s biggest producer of tungsten, will be equivalent to one month of national output of tungsten concentrate from China.

As a result of the purchase, the coming months will be marked by a shortage of tungsten concentrate, causing higher prices.

Currently, prices for 65-percent grade wolframite have climbed to RMB 127,000 to 129,000 (US$20,542 to $20,865) per tonne from last week. Tungsten APT min 88.5 percent is also up 2.18 percent, at RMB 185,000 to 190,000 ($29,923 to $30,731) per tonne.

Earlier this month, Metal-Pages reported that China’s tungsten market concentrates had seen significantly higher offers, but were lacking support.

“Most tungsten smelters have ceased purchasing tungsten concentrates and are watching the market. I do not think prices will go up further,” a Hunan-based smelter source told Metal-Pages.


From Forbes Magazine:

The following is a guest post by Malcolm Gissen, co-manager of The Encompass Fund.

April 2012

Few investors know that tungsten was the number one metals performer in the world last year, gaining 35% while most other metals declined in price.

Tungsten has retreated a bit so far in 2012 but the current price of about $425 per metric ton is still historically high. With demand increasing at a rate of about 8% a year and production declining,it’s likely that the price of tungsten is will rise over the next few years.

Tungsten is classified as a rare metal though it’s found in many countries. It is indispensable because of its many applications. It’s the second hardest material with the second highest melting point (diamonds ranks as first in both categories), and thus there are few materials that can be substituted for it. In the U.S. tungsten’s uses include tools and machinery primarily in the metal-working, construction, mining, and oil and gas drilling industries.  It is estimated that 25% of the use is in light filaments and 10% for artillery and weapons.

Why is tungsten rising in price? Like several other metals, the tungsten market has been controlled by China. Tungsten prices jumped 35% in 2011 and remain historically high. That is because of concerns that China, the leading producer and consumer, has been reducing exports. This concern is so great that in 2011, the UK Geological Survey put tungsten at the top of its list of economic metals whose supply is at risk. China has taken several steps to reduce production and exports of tungsten:  they have shut down small mines as unsafe, implemented export quotas, and added export duties.

It is not that easy to invest in tungsten.  There are two Canadian companies currently focused primarily on tungsten production.  Malaga, Inc. (MLG.TO; MLGAF.PK) produces tungsten in Peru, and is increasing production.  The stock  trades at about 15 cents.  North American Tungsten (NTC.V; NATUF.PK) is in production in the Northwest Territories, Canada.  It began production in 1962, and has shut down the mines several times when the tungsten price got too low.  It’s stock trades at about 43 cents. Geodex Minerals (GXM.V; GXMLF.PK) is an exploration company with properties in New Brunswick, Canada.  It is exploring for tungsten, molybdenum, rare earth elements, and other metals and minerals.

These are micro-cap companies, in other words, be prepared for volatility and risk, while hoping for gains. Further, with tungsten prices at highs, and the supply-demand characteristics, one can anticipate other companies making efforts to discover and produce tungsten.


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New Hogskin Creek Products: Forceps.

HeeManCuts.  Yep! These forceps are popular if you have big hands and fingers .  Easy to use with gloves on as well and easy to see with the orange handles.  You’ve seen these online and in the fly shops for $14.99 and Hogskin Creek now has them in stock at our shop in Bull Shoals as well as our online store.  Surgical stainless steel with an impressive set of cutters that will also smash down a barb in a hurry.  Easy to use and easy to see with the bright orange easy grip handles..  Order yours today!!!!  Limited supply.http://theflyfishing-store.com for a limited time for $12.00 bucks.

This pair of forceps is made of tungsten carbide and they are tough enough to smash down BIG salt water barbs and BIG bass hooks as well as delicate trout hooks. Even nickel black hooks will succumb easily to this pair of forceps which also has side cutters that will easily take care of 20 lb tippet all the way down to 12X tippet including fluorocarbon and braided type lines. They will cut just about any type of line including wire.  Locking forceps with smooth upper jaws   so as not to tear up up your most delicate size 22 thread midges.  Smash your barbs with confidence.  This pair of forceps sells at the big box stores and in fly shops from $24.95   They are not cheap and I’m sure you have seen them before.  Get your pair now for just $19.95

New on the market are these power jaws forceps with cutters and these come with the ever popular “Trout Skin” color.  This small but powerful set of forceps will smash down just about any trout hook and cut your tippet or leader.  Perfect for smaller hands and fingers as well as makes a great tool at the tying desk for picking up hooks and materials.  You’ve seem them at the big “O” shops and on line for $15.95 in the gold handle and these are only 12.95 for a limited time.  Limited supplies.







Yep!  These are the same power forceps as the ones above but with the gold handles and are only $10.00 instead of $15.95  What a bargain.





Hogskin Creek directly imports these quality tools from some of the same sources as the ones you see in the fly shops and big box stores so when you buy from us you by-pass a couple of distributors and save some big bucks.  We guarantee your satisfaction for 90 days after your purchase so if you don’t like them we will buy them back from you…  Now that’s hard to beat.  If you have bought our tungsten beads from us over the past 7 years you also know how easy we are to deal with and how fast we get your order shipped to you.  So give us a shout at our shop in Bull Shoals Arkansas 870-445-3848 or check out our web shop at http://theflyfishing-store.com  Discounts to Fly Fishing Clubs when bought in bulk.



You’ve seen these forceps before as they are the standard gold handle tool of pretty much every fly fisher except these have a build in eye cleaner.  Made of surgical stainless and retailing for around $10.00 just about everywhere.  Our price is only $8.00

This pair is exactly the same as the one above but without the gold on the handle.  Eye cleaner included and 5″ long they are a bargain at only $5.50 a pair.




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Tungsten Beads for Fly Tying

Lots of colors and sizes with fast quick shipping.  Call the shop 870-445-3848 or check out our web shop at http://theflyfishing-store.com


Jim & Debbie Traylor

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Happy Thanksgiving. Black Friday Sale-Midge Magic Fishing & Tying

It looks a little like a traditional construction site boot, and maybe that’s appropriate because this is a tough, hardworking boot for less than $100. Chota’s RockLoc rubber outsoles have the deepest tread pattern in the business (think “mud” tires on a monster truck) with built-in receptacles, and the boots come with 28 Chota case-hardened steel cleats. (Chota’s Carbide-Tipped Wading Cleats are $20 for a package of 20.) A padded cuff and removable form-fitting EVA sock liner, coupled with a cushy injected PU mid-sole, soften each step and leave your feet asking for more at the end of the day. $95 www.chotaoutdoorgear.com


The Rocky River Wading Boot provides an economical alternative to felt soled wading boots.


Combining Chota’s famous RockLoc™ rubber out-soles with synthetic leather uppers, the Rocky River Wading Boot provides an economical alternative to felt soled wading boots. Specially compounded “soft rubber” air bobs and built in Cleat Receptacles for Chota’s optional Steel or Carbide Tipped Cleats makes the RockLoc™ the most versatile high traction rubber sole available. A padded cuff, buttonhole drains and removable form fitting EVA sock liner, coupled with a cushy injected PU mid-sole provides high-end comfort at a low-end price.

Blow Out Sale Price on in stock items only.
SALE PRICE: $72.00
Drop by the shop Friday and Saturday for other items that will be on sale as well.
Coming Soon
Davy Wottons new video “Midge Magic Fishing & Tying”
$24.95 for the two DVD set including the fishing and tying videos.  
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Shop News-Winter Hours-Tying Materials-Tungsten Beads

Our shop hours will change for the winter again as we will be closing on both Sundays and Mondays.


SIGN UP FOR OUR ANNUAL SALE SHEET:  Call the shop 870-445-3848 or send an e-mail to jim@flyfisharkansas.com to receive it in your mail box.

Shop News:  We have began carrying a few Renzetti vices and hope to increase this product over the next year.  We have been out of 5/64 or 2 mm tungsten beads in silver, copper and nickel which will be back in stock in the next day or two.  Our shop hours will change as of this November for the winter and we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. Our online shop http://theflyfishing-store.com is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We  will continue to ship orders on Monday.  We know your tying and fishing is important to you and we will continue to ship orders the day we receive them.  We will be in the shop Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm through January.  These are our WINTER hours.  We will return to our normal hours Jan 29th just in time for the re-opening of the C & R Area on Feb 1 2013

>>>>>Every year we mail out a Sale Sheet with specials on tying materials and hooks that you won’t want to miss out on.  If you would like to receive this sheet simply send an e-mail to jim@flyfisharkansas.com or call the shop at 870-445-3848 and we will ad you to this list.  We do not share or sell this list.  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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http://theflyfishing-store.com Tungsten Beads 25 packs $3.50

All tungsten beads are in stock in all colors at this time including slotted tungsten beads in gold, nickel, copper & black as well as regular cyclops tungsten and brass beads.  Call the shop at 870-445-3848 to order or visit our web shop at http://theflyfishing-store.com

Our brick and mortar shop is located in the town of Bull Shoals Arkansas at 627 Central Blvd and our mailing address is PO Box 751 Bull Shoals, 72619  We are about a mile from the dam and the catch and release ares below the dam.  We carry barbless flies for this area and have 9 local tiers that produce flies for our area as well as tiers in the states of Missouri and Michigan that also produce some flies for our fly bins.  Our shop also supplies hooks and beads to commercial tiers around the country as well as Europe, Australia,  Africa and Canada.  If you are an independent tier and have flies you think we need contact us or take a picture of your fly and send it to us.  We pay fair prices.  In fact we would rather pay more for locally tied flies than for flies tied elsewhere when we can.



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Slotted Tungsten Beads-New Products

New and now available at http://theflyfishing-store.com as well as at our brick and mortar shop Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop are slotted tungsten beads, dumb bell presentation eyes and Maxima fluorocarbon 110 yard tippet guide spool spools.  Slotted beads are available in 100 count packages as well as 25 count packages.  Prices are at the end of this page.  Also in stock as a special order and hopefully as a permanent stock item from Maxima are the 3″ 110 yard fluorocarbon tippet spools with tippet keeper elastic band with the X-Factor printed on it as well as color coded so your tippet size is easy to find.  We have also just brought on presentation dumb bell  eyes in three sizes- Small-Medium-Large.  These eyes are made of brass and will  look great on your flies such as clousers and at this time are available in Nickel and Black.

Dumbell eyes available at this time in black and nickel and are $3.50  per 25 count package that is .13 cents per eye which is a whole sale price.  These eyes generally retail in 10 packs for $2.50 per 10 count package or .25 cents per eye so it’s a great value as we are the direct importer of these eyes.



This 3″ Maxima 110 yard guide spool of fluorocarbon tippet at $18.00 is a special order Wishes & Fishes had Maxima put together for us.  Our Maxima rep and friend (Tom Jindra) were discussing the need of a smaller spool for the wade fisherman and this spool fills that need and at one heck of a spectacular value.  As you know if you buy other fluorocarbon tippets you will only get 30 yards or meters for about this price.  In fact this price even beats the wholesale prices of other 3″ 110 yard tippet spools that retail from $34.95  Available at http://theflyfishing-store.com or call (870)-445-3848 or drop by the shop


100 count packages

2 mm          (5/64)  $14.00 per hundred      $4.00 per 25 pack

2.5 mm      (3/32)  $14.00 per hundred      $4.00 per 25 pack

3.0 mm     (7/64)  $14.00 per hundred       $4.00 per 25 pack

3.5 mm      (1/8)   $16.00 per hundred       $4.50 per 25 pack

4.0 mm     (5/32) $19.00 per hundred       $5.25 per 25 pack




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Tungsten Beads

Tungsten Beads Below Wholesale

Click on the tab above for The Fly Fishing Store.  We ship world wide. Why pay more for tungsten beads when you can get them below wholesale.  Stop paying $3.99 for a package of 10 when you can get a package of 25 for $3.50  Call our shop at 870-445-3848 or go the the http://theflyfishing-store.com and cheek out the 13 colors of tungsten beads in 7 sizes that we carry.  You will also find our brass beads in 4 colors and 7 sizes there as well and both are counter drilled with the cyclops eye designed for fly tying.  Use your credit card or your pay pal account.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing that feel free to call the shop at 870-445-3848 and either Debbie or Jim will answer the phone.  You’ll find us very helpful and we’ll ship your order out the same day if ordered before 2:00 pm

Happy Fishing


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