October Fishing Report

Hank from Texas

Unpredictable! That’s how I would describe the fishing on the White River for the month of October. I know! It sounds odd in that fishing is usually described that way but it is October and that’s normally the way October is. One day the catching is great with lots of strikes and hook sets and then the next day with the same conditions, same water levels, same weather and in the same places one can hardly get a strike. Then go back the next day and WHAM! catching is good again. Of course on the White a conduit gate was opened which DID affect the catching as some warmer water was flowing. It was very noticeable if you put your hand into the water. It also pushed back the spawn which is now finally starting to happen. The conduit gate is finally closed after being open for about 10 days total. We were wondering if those gates were going to change the walk in area on the Marion County side. It does not appear that it has other than to knock down some of the rocks on the rock pile that has grown over the years.

The Norfork on the other hand was a much more predictable fishery with very little fluctuation of the flows and a steady 44-48 MW. The catch rates were pretty steady until most of the fly guides began to fish over there and the sheer pressure of the numbers of boats would put the fish down somewhat. However once the boats spread out along the entire river catching picked up again. The flows over there then began to change when the lake level dropped down. Wade fishers were reporting some hot action when the water was shut off at the handicapped access as well as at the dam mostly above the ramp and well below the ramp. It looks to me that the area near the ramp is pretty much devoid of fish.
As november moves into December we should see even more wadeable water as the lake levels drop. If of course we just happen to get a deluge of rain that will all change as it usually does. We are moving into tying season and as the weather gets “iffy” we tend to tie flies. A fresh shipment of tungsten beads will be in by November 10. Don’t forget to drop by the shop and check out the new fly lines and accessories that arrived in October. We’ve got lots of 3,4,5 and 6 wt lines from floating, intermediate and sinking lines. Sylk lines for fiberglass and bamboo fans as well as a really sweet Retro reel for boo and glass fans as well and would make a great christmas gift. Call the shop for more info at 870-445-3848. 8 till 4 Monday through Saturday. We are moving into winter hours this month and in december will be closed Sunday and Monday.

The Retro I (3/4 wt) below priced at our web shop at $70.00 with free shipping.  Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum with an anodized finish, adjustable click drag. Changes easily left/right retrieve (no tools required) quick release spool with exposed rim.  Retro I 3.1 oz  Retro II 3.35 oz  Both available in the shop or at our online shop http://theflyfishing-store.com  Or call the shop 870-445-3848


Retro I 3/4 wt

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Fishing Report Late August-Early Sept

Summer heat and high lake levels have the White River still generating around the clock and during the day from 16,000 to 21,000 CFS (cubic feet per second). Flows in the mornings and overnight are in the 16,000 and 17,000 cfs range and start ramping up with power demands after noon time. This pretty much sums up the flows on the White River for the past month. Generally in august the brown trout start to move and feed in preparation for the spawn which generally begins down stream at and below the Rim Shoals area of the river.
The last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September are generally the peak times for hoppers and terrestrials. Early mornings seem to be much better on these flows and as the day heats up we are switching to sub-surface bugs such as the standby San Juan worms (or variations), eggs, midges and PT’s. I wish I could say sow bugs and scud were working as well as they usually do on big flows like we are getting now but they are not as consistent as they have been in the past. Targeting structure such as drop offs, creek cuts, grassy areas with holes and humps are holding fish as are inside bends on gravel. I have also found that the majority of the fish are not necessarily holding tight to the bank either but can be out from the bank quite a distance which will require a bit more shot. Another technique that is working after the water comes up a bit more is to look for slower water areas or shallow eddy water with grass that is not too deep. Using 5 or 6X tippet with a long leader to keep the fly line away from the fish drop a #16 red midge with a #20 black midge as the dropper about 3 feet under a white palsa indicator. The red midge is mostly for weight and as an attractor but the fish are taking small midges. This is a way to stack up some numbers on fish that are congregating out of the main current. You are sight fishing to these fish and you will also see a few brown trout that are hanging out with these smaller rainbows. The trick is to not spook them.

The Norfork is very fishable in the mornings when there is no generation and midges in brown and red colors of the glitter thread variety have been producing well in sizes #16’s and 18’s. Brown trout as well as the cutthroats are taking these flies and running with them. Using a palsa indicator with the red midge up highh It also appears to me that fish near the launch ramp at the dam are lacking so if you are able to move further down stream below colonels corner there are fish there for sure. I have not fished above the ramp closer to the dam so I can not speak to that area.

Good fishing and drop by the shop as we are bulging at the seems with cortland merchandise. Don’t like to tie those really small dry flies? We’ve got thousands of them for only a $1.00

We have a few days left open in October.  Call 870-404-8906 to book your fishing trip today.

Jimmy T.

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