High Water Fishing

Seeing a full 8 units of water now that the 8th unit has been repaired and it’s rolling pretty good.  Some hopper action can be good but it’s spotty for sure with one day getting lots of action and the next not very much.  The lake is only down to 685.40 from the top of 693.00  A bit more rain the past couple of days should not make too much of a difference in the lake levels.

So fishing hoppers, SJ Worms, Midges  and Eggs have been the ticket for the White River the past couple of weeks.  We are not seeing much fluctuation either which is good as fluctuation sure seems to slow down the takes.

Our cool nights should show back up in the next 10 days as we begin to move into the fall fishing season.  October IS the busiest month on the White River so if you are thinking of fishing this month and do not have a guide as yet hop to it and give us a call at 870-404-8906 and we will book one for you.


Good Fishing.

Jimmy T.

870-404-8906  To book a guide

870-445-3848  Fly Shop number.


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Fishing Report For August. Cortland Products Blow Out

Heavy generation continues on the White River with flows up to 8 units at times and not much under 6 units. The lake level has dropped down from 693 to 688.91 or about 4 feet.

The Norfork is seeing some wadeable water earlier in the mornings with generation starting between 10 AM and noon.  Be prepared for a bit of extra water as the seals in one of the flood gates was being replaced as the water was rising in the lake.  This job did not get completed so a lot of extra warmer water is in the river.  Arkansas Game and Fish is asking fisherman to immediately release fish due to lower oxygen levels.

During this past full moon phase the catching was pretty tough for 3 days. Fishing tight to the bank on shallow grassy areas with structure did pay off using San Juan Worms and small eggs. Nearer to the dam and in the state park #14 sow bugs in grey and tan were productive fishing close to the banks on the inside bends where the water slows and allows the flies to get down. Did spot some fish on grass (a mowed yard) in a couple of areas but these fish were extremely spooky so we didn’t spend much time on them.

Picking and choosing spots on this higher water seems to be the key at the moment unless the fish are keying in on hoppers which can be a ton of fun. Cicadas have been dying and falling out of the trees and some hoppers manage to land into the water so tossing these flies close to the banks can also be productive. Use heavy tippet and fight the brown trout like you would a bass to get it off the bank and out of timber and rocks.
The Norfork of course has been much more wadeable due to the flows and channel capacity (just started hearing that one this year) of the White River. I guess what they are saying is that if the Norfork also generated at full capacity it would cause a problem somewhere down stream. The Norfork of course then gets a bit crowded unless you use a kayak or other transport to get down below long hole and into the C&R area. Red, red, and more red in your midges seems to be the go to fly.

Don’t forget to drop by Wishes & Fishes as we have a ton of cortland products all of which are at least 35% off with most at 40 and 50% off. We have a 1,000’s of flies at the moment of which 90% are only a $1.00 Lots of dry flies.

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Here is a short list of some of the items we have.

1,000’s of leaders, 100’s of reels, 40 or 50 rods, and 100’s is not a 1,000  fly lines for both salt and fresh water. Hard mono, bulk spools of tippet 2,200 yards, 10,000 yard master spools of mono, 5 spey rod blanks and 50 or so spinning and casting rod blanks.  Mono tippet, flour tippet, short leaders, long leaders for both salt and fresh water.  Fluorocarbon tippet in 30 M spools are only $9.00 and on a buy 5 and get one free. Mix and match as you wish.

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