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So the minimum flow has forced a change upon this veteran guide of almost 20 years.  I’ve moved to a noisy jet motor on my new Xtream boat.  Yep!  and to boot I’m putting oars on it too!  So now when we have minimum flow I will be able to drift the shallow waters of the White River without banging up a prop.  It will also be quieter with the rowing thing going on but will allow me to fish any part of the river as well as navigate the shallow areas at a faster rate.  No more creeping up the shoals or riffles at a snails pace.

Looking forward into February (which is next Sunday) I see a normal sort of month unlike last year in which it was all about weather.  I could of course be wrong but so far this winter has been mild.  I’d like to be able to say the conditions for a shad kill are ripe but I really don’t see that happening much this year.  The intake at the dam is about 60 feet down and the shad are hanging out below that level at this time.  Our lake level is at the old pool elevation of 654 MSL (above mean sea level).  We could of course get a lot of rain in February which could bring this level up.  I like to see lots of generation early inn the year which could bring some shad through the dam.  Last year our hatches like that of  much of the rest of the country were late.  Perhaps this year they will be back to normal with caddis in March and April & May and sulphurs in late May and June.  As the sun rises in the sky and it warms up I will of course be trying out some terrestrials in the form of ants and hoppers.

Merchandise is rolling in the door of the shop in the way of flies, beads and other tying materials.  Our streamer tying section will be growing in the shop and on the web store at  http://www.theflyfishing-store.com.  MOre tungsten beads are on the way as well.  Some new and neat accessories will also be arriving.

Spring is a great time to fish the White River in Arkansas and caddis time is big fish time in March-April and Early May.  February is the month the catch and release area opens Feb 1st 2015 and there will be some hogs caught during that time.

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Stay Fishey

Jimmy T.

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White River Fly Fishing in Arkansas

Sean from Little Rock with 2 NICE brown trout and Joe below with another good looking brown trout.   The fishing is good.  One beautiful day on the White River in Arkansas with temps near the 60’s.  Should’ve brought the flip flops today.  Both Joe and Sean were great fisherman and a ton of fun to have in the boat and they bot did an outstanding job. Great casting and mending and obviously the hook setting was pretty good as well.  We watched the big one swim over to the fly and he took it.  The fish took off towards the middle of the river.  I dropped the oars and headed for the motor to prevent it from goig down stream on us.  Sean was a pro and did everything perfect.  I don’t think he realized just how big it was until it got closer to the boat.  Wished I had the camera ready at that point to capture the look on his face.  It was as they say “priceless”

Check out the 2015 gallery for more pictures of this monster fish.

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