Guided Trips

OUR MISSION:  To provide a safe, educational, fun, fish catching adventure on the beautiful White River in Northern Arkansas.

When fly-fishermen discuss whether to hire a guide or not, you will often hear someone give the advice to “take a guide and beat THE LEARNING CURVE”.  What does this mean?

You may think to yourself “I already know how to fish!”  Whether your skill level is that of an absolute beginner or a highly experienced fisher with thousands of hours on the water there is still the learning curve of learning new water.  Learning the water is the challenge of fishing.  Where should I fish and what should I use to catch them?  This is a question all fly-fishermen ask of themselves and to others be it the fly shop folks, others staying at the same lodge or on web sites and bulletin boards and the clubs.  It is the info that can make or break a day.

All too often a fly-fishermen on new water will just wander into the water and begin casting without regard as to where the fish may or may not be.  More often than not fly-fishermen will actually wade into the spot they should be fishing thus spooking the fish.  By hiring a guide, this learning curve can be beaten as the guide will know the water, how to fish it and what to fish it with and on a tail water such as the White River, a guide will know when the water is rising due to generation.

A great guide will also show you the different techniques that can be used to catch the fish such as leader and tippet length and diameter, indicator setting, mending and the casting method to best get your fly to the fish.  Look beyond the fee as the guide not only has knowledge of the water but also has information about the history of the area and of the local wildlife. A For the absolute beginner a great guide will teach you the basics of the cast and take you to a spot he knows you will catch fish and coach you on playing and releasing fish. At the end of the day your skill level will be better, your knowledge of the river it’s history and the local wildlife will be enhanced.  Your questions of “where should I fish and what should I use to catch them?” will be answered as well.

We take great pride on providing a completely fun, safe and educational day on the water in any water conditions low or high.  WE MAKE IT EASY

Guided Trip Rates

Full-Day Rates (8 Hrs)

*1 person =  $375.00
* 2 People = $400.00
*3 People = $500.00

Half-Day Rates (4 Hrs)
*1 or 2 People = $300.00
*3 People = $350.00

Trips Include:
*Leader, Tippet, & Flies
*Water, Soda, Ice Tea
*Jet Boat with Oars
*Full-Day Trips include Lunch

*Rods~Reels~  No extra charges for these services.

Additional Info:
*We accept Visa & MasterCard
*Larger groups welcome (see Group Trip page).
*Fishermen to provide fishing licenses.

Call 870-404-8906 to book your fishing adventure.  Fly Shop 870-445-3848

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