Great Fishing on The White River Today

Seems like if it’s raining I’m on the water fishing.  A month ago on a saturday I managed to get my iPhone wet.  It sucks when you come to depend on those dang little gadgets; like checking radar or watching charts or heck even talking on one.  I’ve solved my problem with a little product called an Aquapac and I got mine from feather-craft in St. Louis.  A fellow guide saw in the summer bulletin and gave me a call so I ordered two of them.  One for my buddy and one for me and it came in handy yesterday in a down pour as I was able to check radar and call the dam number without worrying about it getting wet.  This thing is good if you drop it in the waterfor up to 15 feet and even comes with a lanyard to hang it from your neck.  It was only $30.00 and Feather-Craft has a number of them for different types of phones and GPS gadgets as well as cameras.  I can even take underwater pics with my iPhone in the aqua pac.  So if you have been searching for something to protect your digital gear give Ted or Evan a shout over at Feather-Craft in St. Louis as you’ll love the wet weather protection this thing will give your phone or other digital equipment.

On wednesday and today I took out Tom who is a heck of a fisherman from St. Louis.  We worked the rover from the Dam down to the narrows both days.  The first day did did get one brown trout just short of 20 inches along with a bunch of rainbows with many in the 16 inch range.  Today we also worked the same area instead of fishing further downstream which was the original plan but the rain got in the way of that plan.  Tom got two good fish today with the first before lunch being a 19 inch rainbow and the second a cutt just over 20 inches.

Tom got this 19 inch bow in the hole below the state park.

This Cutt came out of the State Park hole and is just over 20 inches
Tom and Cutt

On wednesday Tom got this brown trout in the C&R area by the dam.
Tom & Brown

Thursday I fish with my buddy Matt Tucker from St. Louis and two of his life long friends.  Tucker is a cut up for sure and a heck of a fisherman.

This is an old pic but I had to put it up.  We fished in the rain thursday and did real good till the water dropped.  Today Tucker and the boys took the drift boat from the dam to white hole.  I was feeling sorry for them as they had to ROW.  I love my 25 HP motor.

Good Fishing…

Jimmy T.