Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report

This past Labor Day weekend saw some great weather with highs in the upper 80’s and lows in the high 60’s.  The lake levels on both lakes continue to drop with Bull Shoals down to 678.60 and the Norfork down to 566.40 with one unit on the past few days.  Bull Shoals is generating with 8 units however not always with a full 8 on.  

I fished the upper White River for the past two days on Saturday and Sunday and the catching was superb both days.  Long leaders with sow bugs & scud along with san juan worms continued to produce large numbers of fish.  On sunday I fished a couple from Kansas. Brad is an avid flyfisher and his wife Shannon tried it for the first time and both Brad and I think she may have become addicted to the long rod and of course like normal for the White River the ladies usually out fish the gentleman and on this day that was the case as well.  The count was a little close but the ladies usually out fish the husbands.  (I love it of course).  There are some new pics posted in the trip gallery.  We did manage to get three good bows in the 16 to 18 inch range as well as landed one small brown trout.  We lost two good brown trout on this day but thats OK as it was an adrenaline rush none the less.  A great time for me fishing with this family for the two days and am looking forward to fishing with them in the near future.