Fishing Report: Sow Bug Roundup.

This past thursday I fished with a couple of gentleman from Wisconson, Woody and Frank.  I’ve fished with Frank before and his is a pleasure to fish with as was his buddy Woody.  The day started out slow but got better after lunch.  Our best fish of the day was a 20 inch brown with several good looking fat shad gorged bows as well.  Yesterday the pattern was the same on the upper end of the river with a better afternoon than the morning.  Both days the water dropped on us but as it stabilized the fishing picked up.  Shad patterns are still working some but seem to work better down stream than in the C&R areas.


This next thursday is again the start of another Sow Bug Round up so if you have never been it’s a must.  Stop by and say hello.  This year again I’ll have tungsten beads, indicators and hooks at a great price as well as some other great bargins.  Ken Richards will also be sitting with us garnering some support and donations for the reel recovery program.  Mike Davis will again be helping me out as well as representing the Project Healing waters program.  Both will be asking for donations.  My bead partner as well as Ken both attended the ReeL Recovery program and will receive my full support as well as 10% of the profits of the sale of Tungsten Beads.


See ya at the bug.