Threadfin Shad


We can confirm that shad have come through the dam today and that it is a good kill and the fish are feeding well on them Both on the surface as well as the full water column at this time.  Generally when a shad kill happens the fish will continue to key in on the shad for a while.  I have believed that shad have been trickling through since January but could not prove it until today.  If shad do continue to come through and the fish gorge on them the catching could get tough so going down stream would be the thing to do.  It’s about time this kill has happened as the conditions have not been better in quite some time.  It used to be that this kill was a pretty regular event but over the past decade it has not been what it used to be.  It’s a ton of fun to fish and one never knows what is going to take the fish be it a brown trout or a rainbow.  If this sounds like something you want to fish then fish with the shad kill king.