Much Lower Flows: Lake Level Dropping

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We dodged some heavy rains the past two days as the storms headed our way dissolved and faded away.  As of this morning there are some rains to the south west of us that may drop some moisture on us today.  We’ll se.  We did get a little bit which helped with the pollen by taking some of it out of the air.  The lake level is down to 658.75 and we are only 4 3/4 feet above normal pool elevation.  We are seeing some pretty steady flows between 11,000 and 13,000 CFS which makes for some pretty good fishing.  Midges yesterday were the ticket on the upper end of the river with some pretty subtle takes.  A sensitive indicator such as a poly yarn indicator was the way to go for sure.  After lunch the takes picked up.  Fluctuations from the dam were sleight but even a little stirred up this slimy moss we have in the river at the moment.  Todays schedule for water is 13,000 cfs and for monday it is scheduled to be the same.  See you on the water today.  Book your fishing trip for June as it looks as though we may be in for some low wadeable water by then.

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