Generation: Hoppers

Looks like today is gonna be a wadeable kind of day, at least until noon.  Of course when the water does come up hop in your fish-mobile and head downstream.  Cotter will put you 5 hours in front of the rising water and rim shoals will give you another hour or so.  The water taxi at rim will pick you up when the water begins to come in.  See Gary Flippin at the office to arrange this outstanding service.  The big question though is wether or not we’ll see some wadeable water for Saturday and Sunday.  The past two weekends have seen some very weak generation during the morning hours with heavier generation due to power demand cranking up around noon. The lake level is at 654.5 with the normal pool level being 654 this usually means some more predictable “no generation water ”  Predicted Water Generation Schedule We’ll find out what the schedule is for Saturday, Sunday and Monday by 4:30 this afternoon by checking out the generation schedule either on line or by calling the generation schedule phone number (866)-494-1993 which is voice activated and usually has this information a little sooner than the online schedule does.

Here is a little tip about using this number:  It is an automated service and when you get through hit the * (star)  button on your touch pad which will take you directly to the information that you want. By doing this it will eliminate the greeting and wether or not you want the info in Spanish. You’ll also want to be where there is very little back ground noise or you’ll get frustrated by getting the wrong information.  Try it and you’ll like it.

Dam Work:

Finally the work being done at the dam is over.  The lights on both ends of the dam are gone so there  is no more waiting for them to change.  Thank Goodness.  We were all getting tired of it.

Hoppers, Ants & Midges:

Some pretty good surface action is happening with hoppers and foam type ants all along the river at this time.  This is some pretty exciting action on no generation water up to a couple of units all along the upper end of the river down to the Rim Shoals area. A dropper such as a tungsten bead midge or sow bug  is a good way to get some extra strikes from every drift.  Our shop ( Wishes & Fishes ) located in Bull Shoals by the dam has plenty of Chernobyl ants and Hoppers as well as the flotant to keep them floating high.  If you discover your waders have a nasty leak or your boots need replacing we also carry Chota waders and boots as well as some very affordable breathable waders from Hendrix Outdoors from $99.00.

Weather Outlook:

We’ve had some pretty oppressive heat the past couple of weeks with temps at and above 100 f but it looks as though this is going to break as of Sunday with highs in the lower 90’2  We’ve been getting some pop up type thunder boomers in the late afternoons that don’t hang around too long.  The chance of these quick storms seems to always be at 20% at this time of the year.  Back to school time around here means “NO CROWDS”  as the summer family crowds fade away finding lodging and a spot to fish gets a whole lot easier.  The last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September are traditionally pretty slow in that the number of folks flowing into the area drops to a trickle so it’s a good time to book a fishing trip.

Feel free to give us a shout at the shop number 870-445-3848 for any type of information about the White or Norfork rivers and about fishing this area and our guide services.

Good Fishing

Jim   8/13/10

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