Big Water and Low Water

We’ve seen some lower flows in the AM of a unit or two the past few days and as of this morning the water is off.  It was shut off at one am and is scheduled to come back on line at 8:00 am and ramp up throughout the day.  The gauge at new port is above the 12 foot mark so perhaps they are helping out down at that end.  When the water gets bigger flesh flies and SJ Worms are doing the trick along with some shad patterns which have been working for a month now.  A new fly fellow guide Ron Y and I have been using the “GFW” is also a winner on big flows but it’s being kept close to the vest at this time.

Long time fisherman Rick B from Denton has been in town and his sister and brother in law and nephew popped into town to fish and we hit the water for two days.  Got some good bows over this time and as usual it was a ton of fun.

We’ll see what the generation schedule looks like friday afternoon for the weekend.  Perhaps there will be some more  low water to fish as I think it will help the terrestrial action and OH! what fun that is.

Note:  I’ve done away with the shad kill alert e-mail and have figured out another way to alert those who are subscribers to this website so any alerts will be done that way.  If you do not wish to get this blog let me know and I’ll remove it.  If however you wish to get this info you can subscribe on this site are you can send me an email via or and I will add you to the list.

Stay fishy my friends.

Jimmy T.

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