Walking And Wading Report

Introducing Henry Seay.  Henry has worked at Rim Shoals as well as Blue Ribbon Fly Shop before it got shut down.  Henrys wading and walking reports will be posted here from time to time.

Thanks Henry

We have closed out another year and we want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year, we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2013.

In the closing days of 2012 we experienced some great wade fishing as a matter of fact the whole year was filled with some of the best fishing for waders that we have had in 3 years.  The word is, in a few short months we should be seeing minimum flow introduced too our two tailwaters if like other tailwaters where they enjoy minimum flow this may send our trout fishing off the charts.  Can you imagine the Norfork or White being any better or having larger trout?  Speaking of larger trout, 2012 saw two German browns landed and released  that exceeded 30 inches (how many rivers can say that) and Arkansas Game and Fish say there are bigger one’s still out there swimming around.

It would be ashame not to mention world record small mouth bass swimming around in Crooked Creek.  Talk about fun on a fly rod – just mention smallie’s and some anglers begin to drool and hearts palpitate.

Now is the time to be on the river if your hunting for trophy trout.  Cooler weather means better dissolved oxygen which = active trout = more and bigger.  Suggested flies for this time of year would have to include: egg patterns, midges, sowbugs, fly jigs, hares ear soft hackle, pheasant tails and streamers.  As a side note, one of my most productive patterns for the past 3 weeks have been egg patterns and midges with a touch of blue added to the fly

In my past years of guiding I have seen folks show up on our streams and waste 2 or 3 valuable days of catching nothing or not near what they should because they didn’t hire a guide.  Then decide to hire a guide for a day or even a half day, learn where the fish are holding, what flies are producing and the techniques that need to be used and end up with a very successful trip with pictures and memories to take home and talk about. It has been said that some people should never guide and some should always guide.  Jimmy Traylor is such a guide that should always be guiding.  Not only is Jimmy one of the top guides but is also owner of Wishes & Fishes fly shop.  Other guides operating out of his shop came from successful careers on the San Juan, Lees Ferry and Animas just to name a few but were looking for rivers that held trophy trout hence the White and Norfork tailwaters in the Arkansas Ozarks.  Jimmy’s calendar is filling up quickly, so you might want to clear a few day’s on your calendar and give Jimmy a call 870-445-3848 or click on www.flyfisharkansas.com to make your reservations.  As always, the time to act is now.

Remember: Life is Good in the Ozarks

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